MegaCryptoPolis District Owner’s Guide

Complete guide on how to acquire a district and succeed in managing your territory in MegaCryptoPolis city builder strategy game.

MegaCryptoPolis is a decentralized city with all land plots contained within districts. Every district is an ERC-721 token stored on Ethereum blockchain that grants revenue share from all operations made by players on its territory.

District ownership can be initially acquired during auction. Starting price for every district is 5 ETH with 0.5 ETH minimum auction bid. Total number of districts is limited, no new districts will be added, ever.

After all the Districts are distributed the only way to obtain its ownership rights is to buy it from another player. (Please refer to “Sell a District Ownership Rights” for more info).

Tax is the core parameter for managing a District — it defines price for spare land blocks in the region as well as cost of all actions in the district for players. District owner can change the tax at the any given moment in time.

District owner receives income in Ether from:
Land Plot Sales — part of the price paid by other
players to purchase spare land blocks on this district;
Players’ Actions — part of Ether spent by players for core actions in the region (building and upgrading);
Internal Marketplace Deals — small percent of all deals made by players within this districts also goes to district owner.

You may have noticed that “Marketplace Deals” was not specified in White Book as independent point previously, however that generally meant by “(all) land blocks sales in the district” where it may be referred to, so technically it’s not a rules change, we’ve just made it clear now.

Set Land Plot Prices

Spare land plots are those not yet purchased by players. District owner has the power to define the price of each spare plot of land by changing district tax.

Price may range from 0.01 ETH initial block price* (0% tax, that means actually zero profit for district owner) to 0.02 ETH initial block price* (100% tax). The first district (#43) had 50% tax (0.015 ETH initial block price*).

* — Price of the first spare block in a 7x7 field. Every other block in this area will have a higher price value after every next block is sold in this field.

Proceeds from Players’ Actions

Every action in the game such as building and upgrading has some costs in Ether (besides Ethereum blockchain gas price). District owner receives part of that Ether spent by players on actions with their land blocks within his District. All the income from such an actions will be automatically credited directly to district’s owner Balance:

District owner can then withdraw full amount of Ether on his balance by pressing the corresponding button and signing a transaction.

Funds will be transferred directly to his Ethereum wallet.

History of all actions and operations can be checked in Payouts window — you may set a filter with your District number and operations type to see the whole list of all players’ actions generated Ether on your balance.

Proceeds From Internal Marketplace Deals

District owner also receives commission from every preowned land plot sold within his region on the integrated marketplace.

Please be informed that in case of trading plots of land on external marketplace or exchange will not grant income from land block sale. Every plot of land is an ERC-721 token an in case it is transferred to an exchange game smart contract may have no control over such operation. Core advantage of having a trade on internal marketplace for land plot owner, besides comfort is an ability for his offer to be publicly listed on the game map (with “For sale” badge) — doing so on external marketplace will not show sale status on the gaming map.

Sell District Ownership Rights

In order to sell your district ownership rights please open District information page and press ”Sell” button. You will be asked to define the offer type: it may be an auction (with initial price and bid amount set by you) or a fixed price.

All district purchase offers are listed in global districts list, so anyone will be informed and can buy one from you. New offers will be also announced in MegaCryptoPolis website main page and eventually also in social networks and community groups.

In case of auction winner with the highest bid will have a district ownership rights. Ether will be transferred directly to seller’s wallet excluding the commission.

Please note there is 5% commission on the final deal made within MegaCryptoPolis internal marketplace. This commission will be cut on the seller’s side. Half of that amount goes to Global Taxes Fund, another part is developer’s maintenance fee.

Being an ERC-721 token, District ownership right can be freely transferred or sold on external marketplace without any commissions, though that way we cannot offer you publishing on MegaCryptoPolis website auctions list.

Purchasing District Ownership Rights

All currently active district auctions are highlighted in global districts list. “Auction” button will be shown next to district that is available for purchase:

Transfer required Ether to smart contract in order to place your bid by pressing “Make Bid” button. Fund will be locked until the auction end date or a higher bid occurs.

Other players will have 7 days to make a higher bid, otherwise district will be awarded to the player who has made the last highest bid. In case someone makes a new bid all the Ether sent by previous participant will be refunded directly to his wallet.

More Information

Please refer to MegaCryptoPolis website for more info:

Video guide on how to play MegaCryptoPolis:

You can find more details about MegaCryptoPolis gameplay in White Book: