Micro Economy in MegaCryptoPolis

The next stage of MegaCryptoPolis development will bring an ability to use almost every building to operate a business. Good position on the decentralized city map attracts attention of many players with Ethereum digital wallets and some Ether, why not to offer them something that is worth spending it?

Every business will be an independent web application running inside the MegaCryptoPolis game client (both 2D and 3D versions). Land plot owner will be able to choose from the variety of applications developed by MegaCryptoPolis team and independent developers in special “franchisee” catalog.

Application may then be launched by any player while selecting a building with business on the decentralized city map.

Example for the “franchisee” business application to be delivered in MegaCryptoPolis.

Every purchase inside that kind of a business will bring additional taxes to MegaCryptoPolis fund as well as some Ether for application developer and land plot owner.

From the one side, it will give an opportunity for additional monetization to land plot owners, from the other providing an independent developers with a direct access to active audience and early adopters for their products.

Application may represent an arcade game, gifts shop, digital collectibles marketplace, game guide, any popular web service as well as kind of advertisement for in-game assets or any external website.

This will make a city landscape more diversified. Building will be an application icon on the decentralized map. Independent developers may introduce their own building design or use one offered by MegaCryptoPolis.

We believe that will create a whole new microeconomy as an additional layer on top of traditional MegaCryptoPolis gameplay mechanics.

Applications catalog will be reviewed by MegaCryptoPolis team in order to contain only accurate and secure apps. Every new application launch will be widely announced in all MegaCryptoPolis media resources, including social networks, community groups and messengers’ channels.

This article describes only the possible direction of MegaCryptoPolis game development. There is no warranty, expressed or implied, that this functionality will be developed or released, ever. MegaCryptoPolis service is provided on an “as is” and “under development” basis.

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