Letter to PA Rep. Dan Frankel — What it really means to have a 20+ week abortion
Meg D-K

Here is the response I received from Representative Frankel.

Dear Meg –

Thank you for taking the time to e-mail me recently regarding Senate Bill 3. I always enjoy hearing from constituents on important matters before the General Assembly and welcome this opportunity to respond.

I am completely opposed to Senate Bill 3 and similar legislation that would severely restrict access to safe and legal abortion care in the Commonwealth. It is an appalling piece of legislation and is once again being rushed through the legislature without a single public hearing. Every aspect of Senate Bill 3 is clearly unconstitutional and is the latest example of legislators inserting themselves into a place they do not belong — the exam room. Last year, I helped lead the fight against similar legislation in the House — House Bill 1948. Instead of creating new barriers for women to access the reproductive health care they need, I fundamentally believe we should be focusing on the real issues women and families face every day in Pennsylvania. This includes pay inequality, raising the minimum wage, expanding access to affordable child care and providing reasonable workplace accommodations for nursing or expecting mothers, just to name a few.

While I am certainly disappointed with the actions of the Senate recently in passing Senate Bill 3, I remain committed to do all I can to stop similar legislation from moving in the House. Additionally, I am heartened that Governor Wolf has indicated he intends to veto Senate Bill 3 should it reach his desk.

I assure you that I will be voting no on Senate Bill 3 and I will strongly encourage my colleagues to do the same. Thank you very much for your advocacy on this important issue.

Very Truly Yours,

Dan Frankel

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