How to check the H2 database used by WSO2 Dashboard Server in UI?

WSO2 Dashboard Server uses H2 as the default database. In order to check the entries of different tables in the H2 database, go to {DS_HOME}/repository/conf/ and in the carbon.xml, add the following configuration.


<property name=”web” />

<property name=”webPort”>8082</property>

<property name=”webAllowOthers” />


After changing the carbon.xml, restart the Dashboard Server and go to http://{ip_address}:{port_numer} (http://localhost:8082)

You will see the following screen

To check a H2 database used by the Dashboard Derver, go to {DS_HOME}/repository/conf/datasources and open the master-datasources.xml, and for the JDBC URL give the URL mentioned in the relevant data source and the user name and password as below,

If you have entered JDBC URL, User Name and Password and press Connect, you will be able to see the following screen which lists the all the tables in the specific database,

You can also follow the same procedure for the DS specific database and the relevant configuration details can be found in ds-datasources.xml which resides in {DS_HOME}/repository/conf/datasources.

This proceudre is applicable for all the WSO2 products.

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