Danny “Dan Dan” Le Comte interview: “I do love being an underdog. There is no pressure on us whatsoever so if people keep underestimating us, all the better.”

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The Killer Rabbits of Caerbannog are right now repeating their run they had in the LFL Spring 2019, where they came from an unfancied position with everyone predicting them to be knocked out early to having a shot at winning it all. Misfits Premier came all the way from play-ins, survived the Group of Death in Group C, beat the DACH region’s first seed in Berlin International Gaming (BIG) and toppling defending champions MAD Lions to enter the finals.

Their run to the finals has made this the best placing a French team has ever gotten in the EU Masters. If they win the Grand Finals and lift the trophy, it would truly be a tale of underdogs and a Cinderella run for Misfits. Toplaner Dan Dan sat down to discuss the match in brief, LIDER’s obsession with ‘blue juice’ and looking forward in the LFL Summer split 2019.

image credit: https://twitter.com/ESLLoL

Megalodontus: Hi, good afternoon everyone. I’m with Dan Dan, the toplaner from Misfits Premier who has just beaten MAD Lions in a 2–0 sweep. Dan Dan, how do you feel about this victory?

Dan Dan: It was kind of a bittersweet victory. Having played against Yoppa in the past it would’ve been a very anticipated duel, I think we’re both pretty evenly matched. But having played against their substitute toplaner today -Palens from MAD Lions- it just felt like a bit of a sweep. It’s not their fault since Palens does not play top lane (he’s a jungle main). I’m happy that we won, not entirely happy in the way that we won but I’m happy regardless.

Megalodontus: So now that Misfits Premier, many consider underdogs, have made it to the finals. Depending on if SK Prime or Fnatic Rising make it, who would you rather face?

Dan Dan: First of all, I do love being an underdog. There is no pressure on us whatsoever so if people keep underestimating us, all the better. Personally I think SK Prime will be a better match, and I also think our botlane is slightly better than SK’s botlane and our solo lanes are more than capable of holding the SK aggression from both sides. So SK Prime will be a pretty good match for us. Fnatic is more of a consistent team but I think we have good chances against both of them.

Megalodontus: In a best of 5 it will be different from a best of 3 or a best of 1 now, what are the chances of Misfits Premier taking the EU Masters trophy?

Dan Dan: I would give us around a 60% chance against both teams. I think all 3 teams are pretty evenly matched at the moment but with the dopamine rush we’ve been getting from the past weeks, the confidence we have in our players and the talent we have in our roster, and Jesse “Jesiz” Le just being the best coach around I think that tips the scales in our favour.

Megalodontus: In that regard, we know that LIDER has been drinking a lot of “blue juice” Powerade. Has the team adopted that strategy as well?

Dan Dan: It’s absolutely disgusting. I really, really hate it. The meme is so overused as well but hey, it gets him followers, it gets him famous. It’s a funny meme. I tried it one time and I’m never trying it again. It’s disgusting.

Megalodontus: Oh dear. Is he the only one in the team that drinks it?

Dan Dan: Yes. No one else drinks it, he is the only one. His room is full of Powerade and he has like 30 bottles of it on the floor. It’s a disaster.

Megaldontus: But it helps him win games no?

Dan Dan: (laughs) If you believe in magic then yeah the blue magic is doing the work.

Megalodontus: Fair enough! I just have quick question regarding your split in the LFF Spring 2019. Misfits Premier had an extraordinary playoffs run that saw you finish runners-up to Team-LDLC. Do you see the Summer split for Misfits taking? What do you think?

Dan Dan: I still think LDLC as a whole is a more complete team. I think if we played another best of 5 we would probably lose at this point of time. I do think that we are more things up our sleeve which we can surpass them with. We are an unpredictable team, not pick wise, but playstlye wise and people don’t really now how to play against us. So these are some points we need to work on to beat LDLC with but otherwise the other teams, we played against them and in a best of 5 we will win against anyone else.

Megalodontus: Any teams for the Summer split in the LFL are you keeping an eye on other than Team-LDLC?

Dan Dan: Not particularly. I think Vitality and GamersOrigin are going to get good rosters again but if we stick with the same players it’s going to be evenly match but I’m going to give us the edge based on talents and experience alone.

Megalodontus: Do you have anything you want to say to your fans in English or French?

Dan Dan: I’ll do it in English this time. Thanks for supporting us and hopefully we can bring the trophy home and give Misfits -maybe not the main team- something to be happy about this season. Go Misfits!

Misfits Premier will play against SK Prime today in a mouthwatering finals clash in the Haymarket Theater in Leicester. All eyes will be trained on on Dan Dan as he takes on the monster that is Sacre from SK Prime, who has torn the competition asunder thus far.

Will the French revolution succeed? Find out later today!


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