What is the best way to learn to ride scooter?

Riding a scooter only need a sense of balance. Those who can ride bicycles are easier to ride a scooter. Therefore, riding a scooter requires some skill and some practice. In addition, you should first be aware of street law and regulations. So let’s talk about how to learn skateboards in the simplest way.
1. After learning the balance of the body on a bicycle or scooter, it is time to understand the control parts of the scooter.
2. It’s simple, just a diverter, two brakes on both sides of the handlebar, and the ordinary switch like a motorcycle.
3. Rear brake lever in left hand, and front brake in right hand.
4. The throttle is on the right handle of the right palm.
5. on left side horn switch, above it, turn indicator switch, above it high and low beam switch of the headlight. In some models pass switch is located on the left side. Right head light on/off switch, and start button and engine flameout switch.

6. The kick starter of the scooter is located on the left side of the engine case.
7. For kick starter: 1st put a scooter on a double station and insert the key and open it. Next, press the left-hand brake lever as well ad fast and powerful movement of the legs.
N:B: Before you start riding, be sure to use the kick in the morning. For the novice, it should be used to play with two stations. But experienced users can do the case without a double station. Always check if the side stand is down. If so, have it up.
8. For Self Start: Press the left brake lever first. Then press the starter switch. Do not tap the switch for more than 5 seconds. If the scooter does not start waiting for 10 seconds and repeat this process.
9. At the beginning, sitting on the scooter upright and slowly turn the throttle and the locomotive will start moving. Do not twist too quickly or completely reverse, because of increased twist will increase the speed of the scooter.
Do not step on the brakes while keeping the throttle or the car connected. Before using the brakes, be sure to release the throttle.
10. For braking, first, release the throttle, and then apply the handbrake lever at the same time to reduce the speed or stop. Do not press the single brake lever while exercising and always press two brakes at the same time, because this will reduce skid opportunities.
N:B: Press the brake slowly with continuous quick press and release, press and release. This is the safest way to break. Do not press hard suddenly.
11. Apply all switch gears during practice.
12. Always wear a helmet.

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