Careful, she hears in silence

Although easygoing and sweet
A weather eye she strategically keeps

As she sees beyond the words
to the song of your being

Knowing, always knowing 
whether or not you come in love and if your intentions are pure of heart

If they are not
her essence will silently walk away

Even if physically right in front of you, her eyes will change hue
alerting you that she feels what you offer is not real

Patiently waiting for your heart to change
yet not interested in playing any game

Curious why and how your darkness was attracted into her play
her own heart she must save

When she no longer gives freely to yours
perhaps check your score, leave your wickedness at the door and try to play with compassion as your sword

Rather than compete to push her out of the door
that she opened humbly, in her way

Remember that it was not open before 
and the one you dismiss may hold the key you need

Yet by then, she has already left this scene…

No longer co-creating a reality
but playing in one you can not see from the vantage in which you stayed

Although easygoing and sweet
she will ensure you that if you stay, you will play with a heart that is pure

That your fire burns bright, not for others to fall by your crippling side eye 
but rather for inspiration to take flight

Roaring of passion and delight 
The blaze of bold adventure compelling your manner and light

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