About Me

Hello, everyone!

My full name is Megan Elizabeth Matos. My parents decided on the name Megan because they liked the actress Meg Ryan. The name Megan means pearl, and some people call me Meg or Meggie as nicknames. I’m not necessarily a morning person or a night owl. I don’t typically go to bed super late, but I also don’t usually wakeup very early if I have a choice. I would say I’m in between the two. If I’m bored I will read, go on my phone, take a nap, or I’ll see if there is anything else going on. If I’m looking to relax I enjoy getting a massage or another spa service every once in a while. I also like to do yoga for relaxation whenever I get a chance. I have not attended a church or religious event outside of my own, but I’ve been to church services that are the same religion as mine but in another language. I know a little bit of Spanish that I hope to start learning a lot more of. My husband, Kolver, and his whole family are from Cuba and speak Spanish so I really hope to become fluent in it someday. I am a cat person, although I’ve had dogs my whole life and love them as well! I’ve been to Mexico and the Dominican Republic. I went to Mexico for a mission’s trip with my church and the Dominican Republic was for vacation. I would love to go to Ireland and Cuba someday. I’ve lived in three states. I was born in Illinois and then my family and I moved after that to Ohio, Texas, Illinois, and then back to Ohio. I enjoy Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, and Cuban foods, and I can’t think of any ethnic foods that I dislike that I have tried. I don’t typically watch TV but every once in a while I’ll watch The Office. I have a picture of pink flowers as my background on my computer screen. I do have Twitter and Instagram. My Twitter is @MeganEG19 and my Instagram is matosmegan. Three things most people don’t know about me would be that I use to be homeschooled until the eighth grade, I’m a pescatarian, and I interned this summer with a magazine called Just Between Us.

Kolver and I ❤ 8/13/17
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