Humor Me

The first ad is about Taco Bell and overall there are grandparents who go out for a wild night and leave their retirement home. It shows them going to a club and doing crazy things that young people would do, such as drinking and making out with people. Near the end of the clip it shows them parked in the parking lot of Taco Bell where they are getting their late night snacks. A cop rolls by for “suspicious” behavior however keeps going because he realizes it is just grandparents. At the end they are seen walking back into the retirement home after a long night. This goes hand in hand with Taco Bell’s slogan “Live Mas.” The target audience is to young people and is humorous. The company is identified at the end as the grandparents are eating in the parking lot of Taco Bell. The story does have a beginning, middle and an end. The beginning is when the grandpa sneaks out of bed and leaves, and then the middle is the entire experience of the grandparents out at night, and the end is when they walk back into the retirement home.

The second ad is about Doritos and the main character is a cowboy kid. His mom is unloading groceries and one of the items is Doritos and the mission of the ad is him attempting to take them from his brother. She asks the boys to help her unload the van and they do not want to until she says there are Doritos. The cowboy lassoes the Doritos and eventually captures the Doritos with the boy sitting on the dog. The target audience could be parents and then even younger kids because it captures the attention of both. This ad is meant to be humorous. The ad of the company is first shown in the beginning when we see the Dorito bag sitting on the seat of the car, however is shown throughout the ad. It does have multiple acts as shown in a narrative structure. The exposition is the mom setting up the scene asking if he can help empty the car, the rising action is him chasing after his brother and trying to see if he can capture the Doritos, the climax is when he captures the Doritos and takes a bite, and the falling action or resolution is when we see the final clip of him lassoing his brother to the ground and capturing him.

I think the Doritos commercial has a stronger narrative just because it isn’t all over the place. They both do a great job at catching the attention of the audience but I think the grandparents going out is a more bizarre situation where people would keep watching because they want to see what the ad is actually for. I think people are most likely to share the Taco Bell one just because it is so strange and is copying exactly what younger people do these days.


Taco Bell: