Starbucks Is Not Just Coffee, It’s a Destination Point

“Meet Me At Starbucks” is the first brand campaign that Starbucks has ever done. This documentary style video shows a day in the life of Starbucks. This was published on September 29, 2014 and is apart of an entire series. It was shot by 72andSunny, an agency that pieced all of it together, using 39 local filmmakers and 10 local photographers in just 24 hours, according to Advertising Age. Originally, this campaign was going to just be a few stories from customers that Starbucks would put together themselves, however they decided to make this project bigger. Starbucks then decided to partner with 72andSunny to make this campaign work effectively.

“Meet Me At Starbucks” is a combination of factual stories that take place in 28 different countries based off of real people who regularly get together at their local Starbucks. The main “Meet Me At Starbucks” YouTube video has short clips of each of the stories, and then there are individual video clips that go in depth about the individuals that were interviewed.

The unique part about this brand is that Starbucks focuses on the people and not about what they sell. “Every day around the world, millions of people gather at Starbucks, but it’s never been just about the coffee.” This is the opening statement in the five minute and 47 second documentary that was posted on YouTube and sums up the campaign, which is to highlight human interactions at Starbucks stores around the world. Starbucks thought outside of the box, which has lead them to be successful with this campaign. Feedback from the campaign has all been positive responses, “this is an excellent example of how Starbucks brand is bigger than coffee,” and “with blow up in technology sometimes we forget that the best interaction is face to face,” according to Advertising Age. This content is different from other content from this organization because the advertisements really have nothing to do with their product; the focus is completely on the people. According to Business Insider, it interests people because this company has been around for 43 years and has come up with a refreshing way to advertise that is like nothing they have done before. There is a global connection between people where individuals give their own personal stories to make this campaign authentic, and to some degree emotional. The video is inclusive of all people, no matter where you are from, what you look like or how you live.

In order to connect with people around the globe and keep this campaign ongoing, Starbucks used different forms of media to get their messages across. A few of the main forms used include YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, and television. They have been so successful that they even have a trending hashtag on Twitter, called “#HowWeMet” where people are able to keep up and follow along with the stories. Social media has helped spread the word around the world and has helped paint a picture of what exactly Starbucks is trying to say to their audience.

In comparison to competitors of Starbucks, such as other coffee businesses, they have set the bar high and have started a trend that we will start to see more often, and that is relating with people in a unique way, rather than advertising just the product. With the “Meet Me At Starbucks” campaign, they have broken down the walls of their corporate business, and come down to earth to remind people what their values are and how they want to be viewed by people. Other organizations can follow by example of Starbucks and what they have done by really getting to know their customers and want they want. Without advertising their specific products, they were able to show off how powerful of a business they are by including people of all different backgrounds and the destinations they reach. In this campaign, Starbucks shows people around the world that no matter who you are and where you are from their doors are always open and can easily adapt to whatever culture they are in.