Interior Photography: Case Study

Establishing contact

As part of this module, a case study is required of a photographer (or someone working in the industry we would like to enter). As someone who has interest in becoming a freelance photographer based photographing interiors for my practice, it would be beneficial to approach someone who also specialises in this, not just a freelance who does any genre of photography for their specialism. Therefore the kind of people I should approach has already presented themselves: freelance interior photographers. Whether they are freelance and found via their own website, found via an agency or via social media.

Email: Should I be sending an email to a photographer from a student email address, or would it seem more professional to email from a photography email address. This is something I have begun to experiement as I sent out emails. Some I have sent via my ‘business’ email address and my Plymouth University email address, to see if this makes a difference to people’s likelihood to respond, my thoughts were that a student email address would be more approachable.

So far I have struggled to gain a response. Therefore, I feel I may need to broaden my approach. I shall now consider contacting photographers that are freelance, perhaps not in the interior field. It will perhaps just be beneficial to hear from a photography who freelances to see how they survive in a saturated industry…