Sucking at Stuff… and being ok with it

I’m at a company where everyone is a star. Everyone has their switchblade skill. I came in as the swiss army knife, which has started to crush my self-confidence. The New Year is upon us and I’ve decided to lean into my swiss army knife self. To learn a lot about many things… and be ok at sucking at them at first.

I still plan on refining my business design skills and becoming exceptional at this craft. But I also want to accept that I’ll never be truly the best at any one thing and instead will love trying lots of stuff.

January / Feb 2016

  • Physical Build: Mirror (1) Shelf (1)
  • Do: Dance classes (10) Beat / Tempo lesson
  • Digital Build: Python or Swift
  • Undo/Redo: Radio
  • Speak: Data talk
  • Read: Get out of the echo chamber
  • Art: TBD* (ask momo)

Future Plans

  • Future of Midwest
  • Storytelling (something funny)
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