A break in the clouds

There are few things I enjoy more than a breathtaking sunrise. Particularly the short moment the clouds are illuminated by the golden rays which have the power to transform the horizon into a sea of warm colors and good vibes.

But, for whatever reason, those few minutes of pure bliss seem to fall lower and lower on my list of priorities as the school year progresses. Why, you may be asking, would I take these few minutes from my daily routine? I can honestly say I’m not sure. My best guess is to savor a few extra precious moments of sleep college students seem to always be fighting for. This assignment was the perfect excuse to take a few seconds to appreciate the light returning back to this side of the world.

My alarm went off this morning and I can admit to actually considering resetting it for much later. But, there was something about the still silence hovering over our room (unusual when you share a room with three other busy humans) and this usually bustling city that pulled me away from that temptation. Sitting on the windowsill, all the stress seemed to melt away.

For a moment, I just existed.

This is a foreign feeling to me. I usually make a point to always have something to keep me busy and productive, and the ridiculous amounts of work waiting for me beyond the windowsill seemed far enough away that I could take a second to simply breathe and enjoy this life. This morning, that pink hue the clouds captured for only an instant brought me out from under the clouds and back into the light. Today, like any day, is a chance to start again. To renew the joy this life brings, and appreciate how incredibly blessed I am to be here, in this particular moment. All the worries that seem to build throughout the day are so small in comparison to the vast beauty this world offers up to us each morning.

So, although there is a large cup of coffee waiting for me on the horizon, I feel fresh again and ready to Be The Difference.

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