Rewind to Recess to Unwind

Along with many of my peers, I too woke up absolutely feeling the monday blues. I have not been looking forward to this week and to make it even better I woke up with a perfectly timed (not at all) cold. Super ideal!!! After a class like today’s, I am glad I forced myself out of bed with a thermos of tea and a faked smile. My comfort zone was pushed by our initially ridiculous shipwreck actions, and I’m sure my discomfort and irritation was apparent from my irritated expressions. However, anytime a competition is at stake my full attention will be captured. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed rock paper scissors as much as I did today, and I also realized how much more difficult running is when you’ve caught the plague. I’ve had multiple friends question my sanity as they heard my fairly distinct yelling across campus this morning, and I couldn’t help but smile as I explained to them why my presence was made known in a fairly obnoxious manner. Typically I try to lay low and avoid drawing attention to myself in situations where I feel uncomfortable, so today was a new experience for me. I felt the joy our class shared and was able to come out of my shell without fear of others judgement. I was too busy enjoying our games to even think about how others would perceive me. Hopefully my overly serious demeanor will be tainted with a little more fun and outgoing nature. I’ve never really reflected much on the importance of recess, as even in high school we had the opportunity to eat lunch outside and enjoy some fresh air when it was nice out. In retrospect, I don’t think I would have done nearly as well in school without recess/outside breaks and my elementary school recess/break touch football career (been breaking stereotypes since I was a tiny human). My mind was cleared, a good time was had, and now I’m cool, calm and collected even with a busy week ahead.

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