10 UX Conferences Around the World You Must Attend in 2017

Conferences offer a unique opportunity to collaborate and interact with fellow UX experts in the industry. Discover innovative new techniques from some of the top leaders in the industry, and learn more about topics ranging from user research to information architecture.

This list consists of some of the most popular UX conferences happening in 2017. So, take a trip around the world, and return with the most contemporary design strategies.

Yggdrasil 2017

April 3–4, 2017

Sandefjord, Norway

The Norwegian Computer Society

Yggdrasil is Norway’s popular conference on digital user experience and interaction design for information architects.

Digital Summit Los Angeles

April 4–5, 2017

Los Angeles, California United States


An exciting event consisting of innovative speakers who discuss their unique insights on popular topics such as marketing strategies, UX & design, SEO, mobile, and much more.

UXDC Conference 2017

April 14–15, 2017

Washington DC, United States

uxpa DC

Take advantage of DC’s unique population of talented individuals, and learn from the talented individuals UX strategy.

UX in the City Oxford 2017

April 20–21, 2017

Oxford, England

UX Cambridge, UX Scotland, and UX Oxford

A new community-driven, hands-on and engaging user experience conference.

Ergonomics & Human Factors 2017

April 25, 2017

Daventry, England

Institute of Ergonomics & Human Factors

The Institute of Ergonomics & Human Factors combines academics and practitioners from all sectors to exchange ideas and information on the latest research, development and applications in ergonomics and human factors in their annual conference.

UX Immersion: Interactions

May 1–3, 2017

Portland, OR, United States

You’ll leave this inspiring conference having learned from six major industry leaders how to master new and innovative design skills.

UX Alive 2017

May 3–4, 2017

Instanbul, Turkey


UX Alive is one of the biggest User Experience conferences in Europe and MENA region.

MinneWebCon 2017

May 1–2, 2017

Minneapolis, Minnesota United States


This conference provides a forum for grassroots knowledge-sharing for people who work with the web. The topics also include digital media, omnichannel, finance, and so much more.

UX Strat 2017

May 24–25, 2017

Silicone Valley, CA, United States


Learn how to grow professionally on both a strategic and tactical level at this UX STRAT event. Among the topics being discussed include how UX industry leaders conduct design research, innovate, analyze complex data, and so much more.

DesignThinkers 2017

May 30–31, 2017

Vancouver, Canada


One of the largest conferences for visual communicators. Covers various topics on communications and marketing, and produces forward-thinking marketing professionals.

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