CX vs UX… Please Explain!

An experience is defined as “the process of doing and seeing things, and of having things happen to you.

While the terms “UX” and “CX” may sound similar, the technicalities within the experiences they offer for clients differ greatly. User experience falls into a subcategory of customer experience, it’s included in the overall experience the customer has while interacting with your company or product (CX).

UX is all about what the user experiences while interacting with your product.” (Click to Tweet)

User experience is measured though metrics which include error rate, success rate, and clicks to completion. A good digital UX provides the user with the ability to easily complete a desired task or access information quickly. The digital design should also be aesthetically pleasing, and easy to navigate, as no one wants a complicated and ugly design experience.

CX includes all of the customer’s experiences with your company as a whole. From customer service, to a specific app, customer experience focuses on how the customer feels while interacting with your firm. A good customer experience means providing the customer with a pleasant interaction with your company’s representatives. Representatives who are eager to solve the clients’ problems immediately and efficiently. CX is measured through a customer’s likelihood to continue using the company or product.

Both CX and UX could not succeed without one another. If the user experience includes a seamless design, but the customers have a negative experience with your company’s staff, your product might not succeed, and vice versa. A company cannot function if there is a hole in the UX design or in the customer experience.

Customers want to experience the whole nine yards, and an experience is just what you should strive to provide.

Originally published at on October 10, 2016.