Megan E. Russell
Jan 30, 2019 · 1 min read

From their recent press release “Koenigsegg to embark on
evolutionary journey for future growth”, Koenigsegg details plans to create a electric vehicle with the re-branded Saab name.

Sweden’s own Koenigsegg attempted to buy the struggling brand Saab in 2009 and though the effort was there, the deal did not go through. Saab was brought out of a bankruptcy scare when National Electric Vehicle Sweden, or NEVS, officially bought the brand.

Fast forward to 2019 and we get a sneak peak at a new face of Saab who has partnered up with NEVS and Koenigsegg to create a new vehicle that has us thinking twice about the relic of the past decade. The new platform is said to have an “emphasis on electrification”.

Koenigsegg noted that their partnership with NEVS meant they would create “parallel vehicle models in slightly higher volumes” they also noted that the partnership with NEVS would help “growth opportunities” in their hypercar engineering and production.

This leaves us thinking one thing…
How much for a Koenigsegg logo on our Saabs? 🤔

Read more about the new Koenigsegg NEVS venture in the press release here:


- Press release 29 January 2019, Ängelholm, Sweden

Megan E. Russell

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Marketer and Sales for WPD USA, IPD Volvo and AVO Turboworld. Graphic designer, marketer and freelance writer focused in the automotive performance industry.

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