Subaru Invests in Aerospace Technology

Megan E. Russell
Jan 30, 2019 · 2 min read

Subaru Invests in our future by investing in 3 start-up companies

We are always interested in companies that put their interest in the future of not only their company but of their consumer as well. Subaru recently invested in three companies that focus on just that, all-electric aircrafts, artificial perception systems for autonomous vehicles and advanced communications between these systems. Subaru is helping create the future of travel, now.

January 15th 2019 Subaru Corporation has completed investments in a total of three start-up companies though it Subaru-SBI innovation Fung by the end of 2018.

“As declared in its mid-term management vision called ‘STEP’, Subaru aims to become a trusted brand that resonates with customers through its products and services in its automotive and aerospace businesses. As part of the initiatives to address its customers’ diversifying mobility needs, Subaru established the SUBARU-SBI Innovation Fund in July 2018 with a goal of generating innovation by actively bringing in external expertise and combining it with internal expertise.” — 2019

The following are the companies that the SUBARU-SBI Innovation Fund invested in:

Company name Bye Aerospace, Inc.
Head office Colorado, U.S.A.
Representative George E. Bye, Founder and CEO
Established 2007 Business Design, manufacture, and sales of all-electric aircraft

Company name AEye, Inc.
Head office California, U.S.A.
Representative Luis Dussan, Founder and CEO
Established 2013 Business Development of artificial perception systems for autonomous vehicles

Company name aptpod, Inc.
Head office Tokyo, Japan
Representative Junichi Sakamoto, Representative Director
+Established 2006 Business M2M/IoT software/hardware development, M2M/IoT cloud services, etc.

We are excited to see what will come in the next ten years with companies like Subaru investing in other means of mobility. Perhaps, head gasket changes in space? Lol we kid Subaru, we kid.

1/22/2018 — By Megan Russell Marketing and sales for WPD, ipd The Volvo Specialists, AVO Turboworld Global
Photo Credit: The Firm — Go Rally — Florida

Megan E. Russell
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