New Digest 2/24/17

This week, a report came out that ranked Philly 126th in the country in terms of health care — which factored “premature-death rate, or the years of potential life lost; mental health; physical health; family doctors per capita; and other factors.”

Regardless, the Philadelphia community continues to prepare for the possible repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) which has, since 2015, provided almost 63,000 individuals to receive drug and alcohol treatment. Major Kenny, among others, “signed a bipartisan letter to congressional leaders urging them to save the (ACA),” trying to keep coverage for the 220,000 Philly residents currently insured. The repeal also poses a threat to “Philadelphia’s Department of Health, which receives $7.7 million in funding through the ACA for such purposes as immunizing infants against diseases like meningitis and preventing lead poisoning.”

Losing the ACA means Philly has to address the growing needs of a population losing health care, especially at levels that affect the youth. It was recently found that “ADHD accounts for a large chunk of health care costs for children.” Other research has shown that children face a number of factors within the home that lead to mental and behavioral disorders — one even showing the mental health outcome of those directly affected and misplaced due to neighborhood gentrification.

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