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I spent a lot of time working with someone that I had some scruples with. Always late, absenteeism that really cuts into time, the tendency to work well into the night and then ask questions then. But I had to; because we needed a member and well, everyone was paired off. And I learned a lot of things when it came to it. Least of all, to accept that I can’t change people.

It’s something that I always had problems with. And it has become more profound as time goes by. But it also has been an experience. In the…

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The upheavals in my life changed the way I write. I hit a dry spell, and felt that I had no more wisdom left to give, but my head was turning to other things. So, I made a retreat from everything.

It was also because I added more and more commitments, my focus going to a personal writing project and my serial novel. But above all, I was trying to find my footing in the present, and to plan for the uncertain future.

But above all, I think I learned one thing throughout this tough time: it’s fine to wait…

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As I continue living here, I feel bad that sometimes I feel at peace sometimes, and on the rare occasion, happy. But sometimes, I realize that being happy doesn’t mean that I’m happy about this situation, I’m just getting some joy from some things going on in my life.

Whether it is through the small little things in life and letting myself live. I still have things to do. The internet did suspend a lot of the living, but life still went on in every way that it could go on. School got back up, and I’m never more relieved…

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I’m in a field where virtual school least affects my work. I’m in IT, we do everything on our computers. People in my entire school will gladly do without writing pens — sometimes I’m one of them — but never without our computers. That’s the most essential thing. Or that’s all we need to get the work done. The experience is still far from ideal, but I know that I have the chance to try all my stuff out in real time.

Having assignments to finish and material to cover helped me out a lot during this. Returning to school…

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And neither should I. Writing on Medium isn’t writing on a diary, and the longer I’m here, the more I read, the more I realize that it’s important to remember that people are here for value, wisdom and information.

And the main thing I do is just that, to provide experiences, shed some light on certain things I have seen and lived through. It is grabbing attention, and Medium depends on us making others enjoy their time here so they will find the subscription worth their while.

And the more I write and post, the more I feel that sometimes…

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We need to do this more than ever. Since I know that it is damaging, long periods of isolation during this time has made me more than happy, if not willing to jump back into school. Mostly because I feel as though I genuinely want some interaction.

Now, it feels as though I have to adapt more. I’m not alone in the house, but I’m adjusting to the fact that my entire family is home until May. It is different, since my mother works during the day, and my brother typically has school or he would find reasons to be…

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Nothing matters more than today. It has become a truth that I learned as I spent more time alone and watching the news and keeping myself up-to-date with everything. We genuinely don’t know more than what we have right now, and every moment it is changing. Things can change so fast that we can’t really do anything other than treasure what we have today.

All of us like to believe that we have tomorrow. Even as we know that’s it’s an illusion; we’re most likely it to make it to tomorrow alive and well. There’s always the chance that we…

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Writer, Aromantic, History Buff, Fiction Writer, ENTP, Eternal Optimist and a programmer by choice of study.

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