Why God is RELENTLESS in pursuing you

Harvey showing the cameras his mistake reading the card during the Miss Universe 2015

We watched the incredibly awkward moment where Steve Harvey stepped on stage during the 2015 Miss Universe pageant as the host for the evening. The two finalists took the stage, with their hearts pounding awaiting the announcement that would change their lives. Harvey placed the microphone next to his lips as the words Miss Columbia rung out through the speaker.continuing without becoming weaker, less severe, etc.The music started playing, the crown placed on her head, and many stood to their feet applauding their new victor.

Except in a moments time everything changed. Harvey slowly walked out on stage with shame written all over his face. He made a huge mistake and read the wrong name. Now I have to hand it to the man, he took total responsibility and even showed the camera that he in fact read the wrong name. He showed a great deal of character in asking the audience and all those watching across the world to not let it ruin a beautiful night for the ladies but for him to take all of the blame.

The weeks, and months that followed the media was relentless. They would not let up on Steve Harvey. I think for the rest of his life he will be deemed as the incompetent host who ruined the Miss Universe patent. The media stopped at nothing, it was determined to prove the point over and over the shortcomings that Harvey had.

Relentless: continuing without becoming weaker, less severe, etc. remaining strict or determined — Merriam and Webster

What does the Miss Universe competition have to do with God? Well everything, and nothing. The message is clear that God’s love for his people is relentless. He is in constant pursuit of our hearts, stopping at nothing to connect with us.

Although we stray, God follows. Although we fail, God succeeds. Although we push, God pulls. Although we think we aren’t good enough, God says with Christ you are more than enough. God is in a relentless pursuit of our hearts. So why is God relentless in his love for us? Because YOU ARE WORTH IT. We are enough. When God looks at you and me he has to look through Jesus to see us. And when he looks at Jesus he sees perfection. We are worth it.

We see in the book of John 18 Peter is asked 3 different times “do you know Jesus?”. Three times Peter denies knowing Jesus. Peter was in Jesus’ “inner circle”. He had walked, laughed, cried, talked, shared food, and life with Jesus. But when life got tough, Peter denied Jesus. What Peter didn’t know was that he was setting one of greatest examples in scripture of our human tendency to retreat when life gets challenging.

Jesus’ love for Peter was relentless. He never gave up on Peter. After Christ had risen from the dead and returned Jesus has a conversation with Peter in John 21:15–18. 3 times Jesus asks Peter “Do you love me?” Jesus responds each time with a command to love others. What an amazing story of God’s relentless love and a process of restoration on Peter’s life. If Jesus can work in Peter’s life he can certainly work our lives as well.

Jesus wants the same for us in our own life.

Christ is relentlessly pursing your heart.

He will never tire not matter how much we have messed up. No matter how unworthy we may feel. Romans 8:38 proclaims nothing can separate us from Christ’s love.

Ask yourself: What’s getting in the way of me being able to fully embrace feeling loved?

We are challenged to relentlessly love others.

This part is the hard part. We know that humans will always fail one another, because we are in fact not perfect. But we are still called to be relentless in the way we love people. That means not giving up on people, even if they are difficult, or unlovable. We are to live life with one another not just next to one another.

Ask yourself: Who am I being specifically called to love?

Listen to the song below to reflect on God’s relentless love.

“Relentless” by Hillsong United
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