Getting Started with your Octane AI bot for Facebook Messenger

Your bot is live! Now it’s time to connect with people

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You’ve got a bot! Now it’s time to get people to connect, and keep them engaged. Facebook Messenger already has 1.2 billion active users so your bot is a chance to engage with them. We see much higher click-through rates on Messenger than email or other marketing channels.

Share Your Bot — Everywhere

Most people won’t find your bot unless you tell them about it. Share it regularly everywhere your customers can be found — social media, Web pages, email, ads, everywhere.

  • Use Messenger codes. These are scannable circular images Facebook creates for you, which people can point their phone at to jump into a conversation with your bot.
Maroon 5’s Messenger code brings fans straight into a conversation.
  • Share your bot on your Facebook page by linking to m.m/yourfacebookpagename. You might even share with a photo asking people to chat with you, like Jason Derulo did:
Jason’s homemade “Message” button brought fans to his bot.
  • Add your bot’s URL to your newsletters, your Instagram bio, your YouTube videos, your website, your business cards and flyers.
  • Put your Messenger code and/or URL on things in the analog world: signs, ads, products, shirts. They scan almost anywhere. They’ll even scan in photos of those placements posted by fans, or from a paused video post.

Run Your First Campaign

Octane AI campaigns allow you to easily get and engage followers.

  1. First click to “Start a Campaign”

2. Click into “Send a Message to Your Followers”

3. Share something interesting! You can add links, images, audio, video and text. One of the best things to do is to share a Convo, but you’ll learn more about those next.

When you’re sending messages, remember to word them as personal messages, rather than mass announcements.

Focus on sharable content: personal videos, exclusives, or teasing a release or launch. This is content they’ll feel is valuable and special, rather than feeling spammed. They’ll share this content, and amplify your message.

Maroon 5’s followers never miss a thing.

Create Convos

Convos are interactive stories that lead your customers through a conversation with your bot. They can include video, audio, photos and GIFs.

Convos are easy to create, easy and fun for people to use.

Convos are the most engaging way to talk to your users.

  1. To write a Convo simply go to the Convos page and hit “Add Convo.”

2. Start writing. Think of it like a blog post except Convos can also be quite short.

3. Remember to write the replies for your user. We recommend keeping everything very conversational in tone

4. Publish your Convo. You can always try it yourself with the link before you decide to share it with anyone else.

5. Share it with your Followers. Convos are the highest engagement way to interact with your followers. Do this by hitting “Start a Campaign”, choosing “Send to Followers,” and then add a Convo to your message.

Your followers will get a push notification prompting them to play with your Convo!

Here’s how that push notification looks

Some suggestions for what to create Convos about:

  • Use convos to teach users about your brand, person or products.
  • Show them something they haven’t seen before — a photo or video.
  • Tease an upcoming launch or release.
  • Ask questions that have a quick reply: “Do you want to see the new video before anyone else?” Yes!
If you scan Maroon 5’s Messenger code shown above, Messenger jumps you straight into a live one-on-one conversation.
  • Use the rules of content strategy like everywhere else: regularity, consistency, authenticity.
  • See our Convo Best Practices guide for more ideas to make the most of them.
  • Share your convos — everywhere — to lead new customers to your bot with a link, or a Messenger code, that goes direct to the Convo.
A Messenger code on a conference badge — point your phone at it, and you won’t need to find his business card.

Learn & adapt

Keep training your bot. Study what works for attracting, engaging and keeping people. Try new things! Bots are new, but that also means there are few unwritten rules to limit your options.

  • Keep an eye on follower numbers. This is the #1 thing to focus on improving.
  • Keep an eye on “Messages Your Bot Does Not Understand.” Add an on-brand response for the most frequent things people say to it.
  • Messages Your Bot Understands should be kept fresh, too, with new or additional responses besides those you have already created
  • Experiment, experiment! Only you can get to know your customers firsthand. Find out what resonates with your them, how many convo sections are too many for them, what do they share the most.

Let’s Go!

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