Sketches: struggles & boosts.

This morning I had an idea: I’ll write down whenever I feel like I’m struggling today. What thoughts come up?
During the day I quickly realized that I did not want to focus only on the negative side (struggles), but also wanted to document the positive things in my day (boosts).

12 / 05 / 2017

Woke up at 6.30.
Typed out this post at 18:47.

7.25: +. I look awesome today.

7:52: -. Got idea for this post. Doubt my data science knowledge and drawing skills.

7.56: +. Got new idea on post about outliers. Perfect get-together of data+design.

8.21: -. I’m an idiot for not bringing my creditcard with me. Now I have to wait for my boyfriend to wake up and find the damn thing.

9.34: -. Final thesis is not in my mail. This makes me anxious.

10.29: +. Received a great compliment from co-worker.

11.20: -. Boyfriend still isn’t answering phone. How is he still f-ing sleeping?

12.48: +. Connected fellow trainee to colleague for help in project. Perfect match.

15:47: +. Received another great compliment from a colleague.

16.16: -. Call from customer during interesting presentation I organized.

17.00: +. Sharing=Caring meeting I organized was a success. People were genuinely interested.

18.22: +. Finished a document in the train that I was dreading.


Sketch of visualizations for my daily struggles, made in the train home (around 18:30).

Against my expectations, I quickly decided that I was happy enough with the last sketch. It would be an interactive alarm-clock which showcased the time and a pictogram of the struggle or boost.

I’m not even sure if this counts as a data visualization, but it does make me happy. Plus who doesn’t like looking at pictograms?
That being said, I do question if it’s missing text. I’m riding into the station of my hometown now. Perhaps I will make some more sketches later where I incorporate the text…

Finishing the post: 18:57.