Sketches: Daylio (moodtracker)

Daylio is a mood-tracker app which I’ve been using for a few months now. It intrigued me, as almost anything that involves collecting data does, and I started envisioning how I would create a visual monthly summary for this app:

With a monthly summary, I would consider each month as a cycle. The first sketch is majorly flawed, as the amount of days vs days of the week does not match. But it was a start for me to visualize this cycle:

  • Every block would contain the colour of the daily mood (grey for aweful, orange for amazing — as standard in the app)
  • Something would form the center for this cycle, e.g.: days of the week, week number, …
  • The cycle would tell the user at a glance whether he/she has had a good or bad month

In the second sketch the week numbers were put central. It could be modified for only work days, or full weeks. I liked the minimalistic feel of the sketch.

The third sketch centralized days of the week (which would allow for easier reading of what is the user’s best and worst day of the week). This felt a little bit too much like a dart board, strenghtened by the placement of the day-numbers in the middle and top.