Did Your Know These Interesting Facts About Your Pug

That squishy face, big bug eyes, cute wrinkles, small square body, playful yet docile nature — No wonder, pugs are one of the most idolised and adored dog breeds across the wold.

But there is much more than their cute appearance that not many people know about.

So here we have put together a couple of interesting facts and minutiae that every pug fanatic should be familiar with.

· The Chinese Origin

Pugs are believed to have descended from dogs imported to Japan NS Europe from China. However, their cuteness has taken over the world today.

· In existence since 400 BC.

Pugs have been around for thousands of years and thus known as the oldest breed of dog.

· The Royal Choice

In a heroic event in the 16th century, the pug of Prince Willian of Orange, called Pompey, saved his life while becoming the official breed of the House of Orange-Nassau dynasty.

· That “Brachycephalic” Charm

The term simply means the short yet broad head that gives pugs their squashy face appearance.

· Cuteness overloaded

Have a group of adorable pugs? Collectively, they can be referred as a “Grumble” of joy.

· Swimming might not be a good idea

Be cautious when your pug is around a swimming pool. Due to their short legs and small nose, pugs cannot swim well. Also, they can easily catch colds owing to their shirt nose.

· Who’s more popular now?

Some of the most famous pug owners include Queen Victoria, Josephine Bonaparte, Gerard Butler, Robin Williams, Kid Rock, Brix Smith and Dave Ramsey. Don’t you feel like a celebrity with a cute pug already?

· Talk about celebrity appearances

As if being owned by those renowned personalities wasn’t enough, pugs have featured in films such as “Men in Black”, “The Adventures of Milo and Otis”, “Hotel for Dogs”, “Pocahontas” to name a few.

And the list could go on with many other facts that you may not know already. Keep looking for more if you’re a real pug lover and know your pet better.

Megan Bruton is a working mother in her mid-40’s who live in Sydney, Australia. She is passionate about health and fitness as long as she can still drink coffee and wine!

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