The Project Proposal: UGA Athletics Second-Screen Application

Megan Cho
Megan Cho
Feb 2, 2017 · 7 min read
The title of our app and potential app icon

Picture this…

You and your friends have gathered in the living room for college gameday. The TV in front of you flips back and forth between the UGA v. Florida game and the Auburn v. Ole Miss game. A lot of the time you’re checking in to see the score or watch a couple plays, but due to commercials or people wanting to watch a certain game, you may have to wait to get the update you want. Fortunately, you have your handy dandy smartphone with you. This is where our second-screen application comes in!

Sic ’Em Sports

We will prepare a prototype of an intricate, all-in-one iOS application that will be used by UGA football fans so that they can stay updated, connected, and engaged with other Dawgs during games. Our application will feature the following:

Live Updates: The app will include a live scoreboard that will be positioned at the top of the screen at all times regardless of what section of the app you’re on. The scoreboard will look like a scoreboard you see broadcasted on television.

Social Media Integration: This app will allow users to link their social media accounts including, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. There will a designated tab for social media content organized into a feed. This will provide a convenient and cohesive area for users to stay updated on what fans are saying. It will display content based on who you follow and through relevant hashtags.

Exclusive Content: The app will include exclusive content such as player stats & info, exclusive interviews with players & the coach, highlight reels, and special news about the team. This will also be designated to a specific tab.

Interactive Activities: There will also be a tab that includes interactive content such as games or live polls. An example of a game would be “slide the football through the field goal”. There can be incentives for players to rack up points, such as prizes. Polls can include questions like “Do you think the ref made the right call?”, or “What’s the best part about UGA football?”.


Second screen apps are growing in popularity, especially for live TV viewing. There are two main types of second screen apps, quick glance apps and live sync apps. Quick glance apps provide you with immediate information, such as the score of another game or the name of an actor. These apps are all about speedy delivery and ease of use. On the other hand, live sync apps aim to keep viewers constantly staring at the TV or their phone. The most common live sync app is Twitter. Many TV programs provide hashtags so conversations can take place between viewers all over the world.

Although our group has been tasked with creating a second screen app for UGA Athletics, there are already several others provided by other companies. The four most popular are UGA Vault, Georgia Bulldogs Gameday Live, Georgia Bulldogs SuperFans, and DawgNation Georgia Bulldogs News. While each of these apps offers many benefits to users, such as schedules for UGA sports games, news about the teams, and highlight reels, they fail to provide users with the sense of community we will strive to create in our app.

In addition to second screen apps for UGA, there are many that exist for other universities and professional sports. According to the NFL, 70% of fans use a second screen while watching football. Because of this many companies have released second screen apps that appeal to various consumers in their target audiences. These apps include the Draft Kings, ESPN Fantasy Football, and NFL mobile app. Each of these apps provides a unique game viewing experience to users. Many other professional sports leagues are following this trend, including NBA InPlay and iScore Baseball from Sports Illustrated.


Using iOSX we will create a functional second screen app for UGA Football. When creating the app, we will focus primarily on creating a sense of community in those watching the game at home by displaying posts from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram on a dashboard so users can scroll through and pick out conversations they want to engage in. We will also develop strategies to keep people from switching channels during commercial breaks by designing fun and addicting games, behind-the-scenes interviews with the coaches, and more. By creating these experiences and providing other features, such as game schedules and news updates about the team, we hope our final project is a second screen app that brings the community of the Bulldawg Nation together, even when we can’t all be in the stadium.

The Plan

To begin the formation of this application prototype, we will first need to figure out exactly what content we are able to incorporate into it, based on legal and copyright barriers. We will do this by communicating thoroughly with our client and through in-depth research. From there, we will create visual representations of what we want the application to look like.

Once we have the visual representation of the application completed, we plan on developing the the core functions of the application, such as transitions and gestures, as well as how we want the user interface to function.

During these phases of creation and production, we will also be developing our marketing materials, which include our website, poster, the preview trailer, and any other materials necessary for informational purposes.

All of these steps will lead up to our project beta. During this period, we plan on testing our fully-functional prototype on members of our target audience in order to gain insight on how we can further improve our application.

After adding the improvements and finishing touches on our app, as well as perfecting our marketing materials, we are ready for SLAM!!! :)


*This schedule is subject to change

Feb 1— Feb 15: Figure out the hard details of our project idea and smooth out the edges; being designing the prototype

Feb 16 — March 1: Build the project website and proceed to design graphics, transitions, gestures, etc. for the prototype

March 15 — April 1: Finalize the website and complete the project beta; begin testing with target users

April 2 — April 15: Create and develop marketing & ad content for the application

April 16 — April 28: Finalize all loose ends; practice for SLAM

April 29: SLAM!


Reach goal: To develop a fully-functional second-screen iOS application that utilizes social media integration as well as other interactive functions and relevant info that engages UGA football fans.

Main goal: To develop a second-screen application prototype that creates a dialogue and includes other interactive components that provides a unique fan experience for UGA football fans.

Safety goal: To design and create components with little to no working ability, but demonstrates the full visual idealization of our project.


As a group, we are looking forward to building this app from the bottom up with UGA Athletics; however, we are a little nervous about our lack of coding experience. So, to combat this we will plan everything out as best we can for the app before attempting building it.

In addition to actually coding the app, which we can work through, we also face the obstacle of legal use in terms of logos, signage and players. Luckily, our UGA Athletics liaison, Jen Galas, has thoughtfully provided us with a lengthy email full of our “can do” and “cannot do” items as a team.

Lastly, because we have Jen Galas and UGA Athletics to work with, our varied schedules as well as the schedules of our mentors will be tough. However, we are confident in our team’s ability to overcome these obstacles and are looking forward to being at the forefront of possibly one of UGA Athletics’ greatest inventions yet!

The Client

Jen Galas: Associate Director of Digital Services for Social Media for UGA Athletics

We are so thrilled to be working with UGA Athletics on this groundbreaking idea. Since our liaison, Jen Galas, the Associate Director of Digital Services for Social Media for UGA Athletics, has given us such creative freedom with our ideas for the app, we are getting to really show our ideas off to her department. UGA Athletics wants to design something so groundbreaking for the user that it compels fans to engage when there is a timeout, or check up on when they are (sadly) missing the game. That is why they chose us students, the closest fans to the action, to help them brainstorm. UGA Athletics currently has no app that is like this, and they are (hopefully) looking to run with one of our creative ideas at the end of the semester to launch an app for the 2017 football season! Go Dawgs! #sicem17 (the hashtag they used for signing day)

Our Team

Jill Armitage // Director of Design

Grace Brandus // Director of Media & Branding

Megan Cho // Director of Technology

Danielle Profita // Director of Communications & Presentation

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