I moved to Portland, Oregon last September from Southern California, where I was born and raised, in order to attend graduate school. I had considered the possibility for over a year, applied to two schools, got into both, and made the leap — packed up my car with all my things, turned my podcasts on, and drove 986.2 miles.

With every mile, I could feel soaring happiness, of heading straight toward a new future and a culmination of hard work reaching my goals; at the same time, I felt the sinking feeling of your absence, knowing you would be back…

A personal piece of prose written when I should be finishing my work for finals week.

you didn’t take your pills today because you left home without anything to eat to take them with and the absence of serotonin is draining until you are all at once to the brim with the worthlessness and the dread of being that pours sickly slowly down the back of your neck and across your arms your hair is sticking up a cold chill prickling and bubbling under your skin

why is your car so filthy

why are the job rejections piling and piling…

Shutting down the imposter syndrome wreaking havoc in your brain and on your writing.

I was casually scrolling through Facebook this week and attempting to stave off the constant existential dread that encompasses my life — when I stumbled upon a video that would confirm a feeling I’ve been having on a consistent basis for the entirety of this past year.

The lowdown of this psychological concept, called imposter syndrome or fraud syndrome, is that you don’t believe you’re worthy of the accolades you receive for your work. …

Want to submit your piece to Things We Find in the Dark?

I’m looking for true crime writers to submit pieces to Things We Find in the Dark. I’m accepting creepy, scary, bone-chilling, spine-tingling non-fiction that follows the guidelines below.

  • Your piece must fit one of the following categories:
  1. True Crime — Well-researched and engaging pieces about ongoing cases, murder, serial killers, missing persons, and cold cases. Thorough and informative, yet unsettling and creepy in tone.
  2. Fangs and Wings — Creepy creatures or powerful acts of nature. Exotic animal “pets” that hunt their owners. …

The death of a 27-year-old Laguna Hills woman, whose body was dumped off the Ortega Highway in California, continues to haunt her community three years later.

A smiling Erica Alonso, courtesy of Facebook page Justice for Erica.

It was February 14th, 2015 — Valentine’s Day — and the last night that Erica would be seen alive. She and her on-again, off-again boyfriend left for a popular nightclub in Costa Mesa: Sutra Lounge, a modern, sleek club lit by the neon lights behind the bar and crowded with drunk lovebirds pulsating to the beat of trance music.

VIPs were served bottles of champagne at plush lounge tables, while club-goers squeezed into the…

Evidence, theories, and secrets that the Netflix documentary doesn’t touch on may influence your take on Michael Peterson’s trial...

I was so hooked by this docuseries that I binged all thirteen episodes within a day and became immediately obsessed, leading to a night of my sister and I staging potential death reenactments in our living room. Be warned — we will be discussing potential spoilers, and you may want to binge before reading so you have an understanding of the case.

I’m a true crime junkie, and although I love a good documentary, it’s apparent that the series has…

Thoughts on cultural appropriation for Japanese tourists

The importance of the kimono as a traditional garment and its place in Japanese culture can’t be overstated. Worn for festivals and special occasions like tea ceremonies, kimono have fallen out of fashion among the younger crowd in Japan and replaced with more Westernized-style clothing.

As I planned my trip to Japan this past January, I found a wonderful shop in Kyoto that you could rent kimono for both men and women, and I made a reservation for my group of five. …

Megan Crayne

Designer, editor, writer, poet, queer. I write because I must. www.megancrayne.com

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