The Little Household

Framing the Backroom

In early 2016, we were looking at different options for how we could renovate the enclosed patio to make it part of the house. It was our intention of splitting the large room into a playroom coming off the kitchen and a bedroom coming off that. However, we made a few enquiries but everyone seemed to say it was better to rip it down and start over, but this would mean having to put our new plans through counsel, adding a huge cost to an already costly project. We simply couldn’t afford this option. Tristan was working for John (a friend of his) doing roofing and he offered that they do the framing for us, the way we had originally planned to do it, using the existing frame! We were stoked… it was going to be possible for us to stay in this house a lot longer with this extra bedroom and living space.

My Dad had already drawn up plans for our place and so they began framing that week! By May 2016 we had ripped out the existing concrete slabs and sand was dug out to get the right level, then the concrete floor was poured by Bart from Barlow, all under Libby’s supervision.

Following this, Trist came in every Saturday and began framing the dividing wall with an inbuilt sliding door from Bunnings plus the requested linen cupboard for some extra, much needed storage. In the mean time Pete and I did the horrible job of insulating. We had insulated the ceiling space of the existing house about a year earlier… It had been a nasty job, being in a small roof space in hot weather, but well worth it. My onions in the pantry don’t cook all by themselves in summer anymore :-)

Admiring our hard work on a Sunday following :-)


Eeek, It was starting to take shape… I could imagine it all already! Steve, our electrical friend, had come in and done all the lighting and power points so we were ready for the gyprock. The next two weeks came and went and we saw some amazing progress.

It looked fantastic so far, but then came the endless weeks of flushing and sanding, flushing and sanding to reach perfection! Wow, what a job! Trist and Pete were both very dedicated to the job, being busy every Saturday and the occasional Friday to have it finished in time for our next family addition. That’s right… God had blessed us again with the expectation of another baby, due on the 2nd April 2017, my Mum’s birthday. Just as well we started renovating when we did. We were going to need the extra room! By December 2016, the flushing and cornices were complete, our cupboard had shelves and we were ready for finishing touches.

How many can you fit in a cupboard
Pete working with Libby trying to help

Finishing Touches

Finishing touches included painting the entire room, as well as the ceiling with undercoat, then with another two coats of white paint. Pete and I did the undercoat on our own over two nights when Libby was in bed. Painting and little fingers don’t go well together we have figured out :-). The following Saturday, Dad and Josh (my older brother) came to give us a hand with the white paint.

Cupboard with shelving removed in order for painting

We had bought laminate flooring from Masters in November. Their closing down sale ensured us a good price on some quality click flooring. Worth buying quality by the way, especially for a playroom. The floor gets hammered with toys and traffic but is wearing very well, plus it’s super easy to clean!! BONUS!

Josh came during Pete’s two weeks off work for Christmas and they did the flooring together. We had bought underlay on gumtree but found it was too thick so we used that for the bedroom instead and bought new thinner underlay for in the playroom. The floor went down successfully and looked a treat. Pete put down the skirting boards, touched them up with a bit of gap filler and paint, and with that… the playroom was ready to move into!

Moving in

Next Tristan built the frame and door for the cupboard. Finally I had a brand new linen cupboard to use! What a great feeling, putting things that have been stacking up in your child’s room for 3 years could now be put neatly behind doors. My laundry could be freed of the vacuum cleaner and mop… making it less of a janitors closet and actually a usable room.

Endless hours of work was now paying off! We couldn’t wait to fully move in! We had a professional from Don’s Carpets come to put a dark brown carpet in the bedroom. What great service they offered, very helpful and did a perfect job while Libby supervised the whole process. Pete and I went to spotlight to get blinds and Mom and Dad deBoer helped cut them down to size and hang them just right. We obtained some old curtains from Josh’s house and hung them in the bedroom. That would have to do for now until we could afford blinds for the new bedroom.

It was all ready to go! Libby could be transferred to her new room …. fresh smell and all! She loved it! With everything moved in, the house felt so big! The renovation was completely finished by the time Pete went back to work in January 2017. Looking at it from now, a year later… we are so very happy with the extra space and they are such lovely rooms to spend time in. Our two little children play in the playroom most of the day and have a blast together, making a mess, like kids do :-)

It was fantastic to have a break after doing this huge project. It had taken so much time and energy over the last year that it felt great to finally have our Saturdays back to spend time with family, kick back and relax. The three of us went away on a holiday to Busselton for the first week of February 2017 and it was great to have that time before the baby was to come in April.

Tristan Moving In

In February Trist decided it was time to move out of home. He asked us if we would mind having a caravan on our block. This was not a problem so he and Pete went to work looking for Caravans to buy on Gumtree. They went to look at a few and by March 10th he had purchased a huge one to park next to our house. He did a bit of work on it while it stood on our driveway and on Friday the 17th… Pete, Trist and myself all worked to get this caravan moved into place without breaking the house in the process. It was such a huge, slow process but eventually it was in it’s spot. The only reason I remember these details is because in the meantime I was 9 months pregnant and having mini contractions and pains during the whole process, trying to keep it quiet from Trist :-) aahhh, it was all fun ;-). He moved his things in and still lives with us today. It’s fantastic having him around. He’s a great Uncle for the kids and they absolutely love having him around. He willingly helps out with babysitting on evenings that we need to go out, with the monitor on in his caravan. He also saves me in those horrible parenting moments when things seem overwhelming and I just need an extra pair of hands… *A huge thank you goes out to him!!*.

Sorry for the blurry photo — Pete holding up a power line running to the house
Trist’s friend, John, allowed Trist to borrow his car because ours wasn’t strong enough to tow it.

Keira Margriet deBoer

So about this other child I keep mentioning! ;-) Here is the story of Keira Margriet deBoer… Yep the baby is now a she. She came into the world on the 20th March 2017, 2 weeks earlier than expected. Mum didn’t get her wish of her grandchild being born on her birthday. I have been having some pains leading up to Sunday the 19th so I sort of knew it would be soon. I find the waiting so hard!! On that Sunday we happened to have Holy Supper. Oh wow, how nerve racking, walking up to the front thinking your waters are going to break any minute. They didn’t, I made it back safely and it wasn’t until I was at friends of ours that evening that it finally happened. I was standing on the driveway saying bye to them … thank you waters for waiting till the end of my delightful evening to make an appearance. :-) So I drove the short distance home with a puddle on my seat and then it was off to the hospital for me. Poor Pete was just about to go to bed :-) Nothing much happened in the time between the waters breaking and actual start of labour but once it did start it happened all so quickly! 2.5 hrs later we had our little girl, safe in our arms. What a miracle every time! At this point, I must tell you that we were certain it was going to be a boy. The pregnancy was totally different from Laura’s and Libby’s. It wasn’t until about 10 mins after she was born that I found out she was a girl and man was I surprised!! :-) We didn’t have any girl names picked out, so here we were, asking the midwife for ideas. I’ll never assume one way or the other again! :-) So thankful to the Lord for our two little blessings. They are such a pleasure and play so nicely together now. God has brought much joy into our lives and blessed us so richly!

I had not taken any girl clothes to the hospital :-)
At home
Waiting to leave the hospital