Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

Friday night I ended up taking my Aunt for sushi since she was such a huge help with the pup this week. ($62)

The run-through of the tri on Saturday was awesome! Even though I hit a huge damn rock and got a flat. And spent $110 at the bike shop instead of $40. (Spare kit! Water bottle holder. Rim re-adjustment.) Stopped for $20 worth of groceries instead of going out for fancy breakfast. Spent the rest of the day lounging hard and eating chinese food and watching bad TV. Bless you, rainy afternoon.

Sunday I got roped into going to Ikea. Duh, $100. Spent $120 on groceries. And $90 for a yoga pass, since I was out of classes. BONUS: favorite teacher gave us an extra 15 mins of just straight up restorative chill at the end of class, all propped up, and she massed our heads. OOOOOOO GIRL.

So I spent double what I planned. But I need a really chill, healthy eating, high rest week, so i’m anticipating a low spend.