Birthdays! I love Birthdays, both celebrating my own and those of other people. They’re a great day to remember that the world is a different (and better!) place because you’re in it.

There are many great ways to celebrate birthdays. Parties, going out for dinner, and having cake tend to be the most popular. I’d like to suggest something different …

Create and Give.

I’m an author, so creating is part of my everyday life. No matter what your occupation is, your presence creates a unique impact on the world. Birthdays can be a great time to celebrate this act…

Five Top Tips to make you a better writer today

1. Read something classic.

It doesn’t have to be a huge volume. It could be as simple as a poem. The classics are classic for a reason. They resonate across generations and geography.

2. Take out a notebook and when ideas inspire you, jot them down. You don’t have to wait until a genius plot idea pops in your mind. Simply write down what interests you today.

“I wonder who built these buildings?” — There’s a simple thought that might span an interesting area of research to lead somewhere.


Megan Easley-Walsh

Author of Historical Fiction at, Writing Consultant and Editor at, Historical and Geopolitical Researcher

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