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When I was depressed I would have said no, but I would have said no to most things. That’s what depression does to you. When I wasn’t depressed, though, I still would have said no. Because even though I wasn’t currently depressed, I knew it would come back. I’ve had years where I could manage and the depression didn’t take over my life, and I’ve had years where depression was all I saw, felt, knew. “How could someone love me when I’m like this?” I asked myself. I found it so hard to love myself; how could anyone else?

What is depression?


Disabilities in Romance Novels, and the Love Cure
Disabilities in Romance Novels, and the Love Cure

I love reading romance novels because I love falling in love. I especially love reading books where I can relate to the characters, either because we have similar experiences, likes, or dislikes, or because they are physically similar to me. And while there have been more African American, interracial, and multicultural romance novels lately, at least in the world of indie publishing, I have always wondered about the obvious lack of romance novels that have main characters who have varying degrees of disabilities-and who find love without being “cured” at the end.

Types of Disabilities

Every disability is different, just like every person…

Megan Ganesh

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