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Struggling to come up with content ideas for your blog? Here are 12 strategies for generating value-packed blog content that converts

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1. Start With Your Target Audience

Before you start brainstorming content for your blog it’s important to first make sure you understand who you are writing for. …

So what exactly is a buyer persona and why should you care about spending time developing personas for your business?

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You might have heard the term “buyer persona,” “customer avatar,” “marketing personas,” or “marketing profiles” before. While you might dismiss these terms as meaningless marketing buzzwords, developing buyer personas is actually the key to creating a profitable and customer-focused business model.

So what exactly is a buyer persona and why…

It doesn’t matter if you have the most flawless blog, article, or home page in the world if no one clicks on your website to see it

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Have you ever searched for something on Google? (Who hasn’t, right?) Have you ever stopped to wonder though, how and why those top ten site options you see ended up there? The quick answer: SEO.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process that helps websites rank in Google so…

Learn more about the buyer’s journey and how to nurture your audience to the sale with content ideas that meet your audience where they are with exactly what they need

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One of the biggest mistakes I see all the time with content marketing is creating content that is always pushing the sale. This assumes that every person reading your content is ready to whip out their credit card at any moment and make the purchase. While some might be at…

6 signs that it’s time to offload the content creation process

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As a business owner, you work hard for the day where you can say that things are going well. You want your business to be successful and for the long hours you’ve put in to finally pay off.

Finally, that day comes when you are reaching the level of success…

Learn more about what keywords are, why you need to do keyword research, and what free tools you can use for valuable keyword support

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In this article, I walk you through some easy ways that you can do keyword research for free. You will learn more about what keywords are, why you need to be doing keyword research, and what free tools you can use for valuable keyword support.

What Are Keywords?

Google (and other search engines)…

If you run a business looking to bring in more revenue and drive more traffic to your site then it is necessary you have a blog

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Today’s consumers are overwhelmed with new information and have more options to solve their problems than ever before. Consumers are also far more skeptical and distrustful and need to build trust with a business before making a purchase.

This means that in order to survive as a business today you…

A swipe file of copywriting goodness for inspiration and ideas

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What Is Copywriting?

As a freelance copywriter, I get asked this question a lot: what exactly is copywriting? The title “copywriter” sounds so formal and complicated when in reality the role itself is pretty straightforward. …

Trends we are seeing right now and what they mean for your business moving forward

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As 2020 comes to a close and businesses everywhere start shifting their attention to 2021, I’ve recapped some of the biggest trends we are seeing right now in content marketing and what they mean for your brand or business moving forward.

Biggest Content Marketing Trends of 2020 Heading Into 2021

  • High quality and relevant content: Consumers are at an…

Learning to appreciate running has been my longest challenge to date

This is the face of a non-runner after running (I’m on the right)

As a certified personal trainer and fitness writer, I’ve done my fair share of difficult workouts. I’ve pushed my body (sometimes too far), tested my endurance, and developed workout routines and habits to accomplish my biggest fitness goals. Yet learning to appreciate running has been my longest challenge to date.

Megan Elizabeth Clark

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