Colorado: Echo Mountain Training

On our 7th day in Colorado, we headed to Echo Mountain (the race venue) for some slalom training. Echo is a smaller hill with a lower elevation than most resorts in Colorado so the snow coverage was minimal. Unfortunately, there was not enough snow on the trail to the chairlift. Fortunately, the staff at Echo Mountain is amazing and they were determined to let us train by chauffeuring us to the top of the hill after every run. Luckily, this only lasted two days before the lift was able to officially open (yahoo!).

Overall, the training was fantastic. Wake up was around 5–5:30 where we’d stock up on food (and coffee) and race our way up the mountain to watch the sunrise. On snow training typically started at 7 and lasted until 9:30 or 12. Later in the week we took a later training block from 2:30 to 5 and were lucky enough to witness the sun setting over the mountains.

During this two week period before the race, we trained alongside the Korean and French team. It was exciting to be able to snowboard beside such great athletes and thrive off of the energy.

My time in Colorado was the longest training block I’ve had in over four years. I am relieved to have finished university and excited to get back to work and focus on my snowboarding!

Harder, better, faster, stronger