Echo Mountain: Race Day(s)

Race day 1: 5 hours at Echo Mountain waiting for winds to die down. On the bright side, we witnessed another terrific sunrise…

The coaches trying to set the course in high winds

Race day 2: High winds — but not as high… It was decided that since we weren’t able to have the slalom race the previous day, they would combine two races into one day. Unfortunately, this meant forgoing the usual dual race format (where you can have up to ten runs) and running a two run event. The huge change in the structure of the race made things interesting. Mentally, it was hard to grasp the fact that we only had two runs combined time— no mess ups allowed! Physically, it was a break from the sometimes gruelling ten run endeavour that is race day.

Overall, both races were a success. I placed 8th and 9th and came out as the top North American competitor.

This race was also full of tough competitors ranging from Switzerland, Russia, Caech Republic, Korea, Japan, France, and the US.

Things I learned in Colorado:

  • how to be flexible and go with the changes
  • pressure early!
  • stay round!
  • ride with CONFIDENCE
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