Writers Are The Worst Of Cowards.
Kira Leigh

The thought behind this was interesting, and I think I get your point. I am leaning toward brave rather than cowardly in the case of writers. Even in the most fantastic and fictional of stories, it shows courage and vulnerability to share with the world an idea that you came up with out of your own head.

As for myself, there’s a piece of me in everything that I write. I throw myself into any form of writing that I can — poetry, fiction, personal essays, articles for content mills. But even in the most out-there worlds that I have created, even in the most mundane self-help articles that I have sent in, I always manage to find myself. It can be hard, as someone who writes both fiction and nonfiction, to draw the line with how much I insert myself into a story. It can be hard, as an introverted creative, to be vulnerable enough to insert myself at all. I think it’s a balance between the two that makes writing work.

Everything inspires me. Growing up, I didn’t talk much to anyone outside of my family, even at school. I’ve always observed and experienced so much in silence, and creating through the written word became my way of processing. Writing gave me an identity, both as someone who could tell her own story, and someone who could create a story out of what seemed to be nothing at all. I write to know people, to understand the world, and to find myself — again and again.

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