Some of us think about wealth as an aspiration. Some of us think about wealth as a tax or a toxin on the world, that intrinsically begets inequality.

What do you think of wealth? Is it intrinsically unjust or damaging?

Typically we think of wealth in financial terms. Perhaps a wealthy person has an enormous bank account. Perhaps a wealthy family has an enormous house or home, or one much bigger (or with far more expensive possessions) than the family down the street.

There’s absolute wealth, being in the top 1% globally. There’s relative wealth — being the wealthiest family…

Climate change is real, and time is of the essence if we want to keep a world for the future that’s recognizable as the one we know today.

There are some amazing people out there doing great work in environment and climate. Over the next five posts, I’ll be profiling some of my favorite thought leaders doing environmental work. These leaders are aligning the forces needed to move humanity toward the changes we need to make in this lifetime, from tech innovation to market-shaping incentives and direct environmental impact.

Today, let’s start with a legendary mentor and product innovator of…

As I bridge into the Stanford University community for a yearlong Master’s, I’ve been fortunate to have the chance to reflect on the most successful things I’ve ever seen done over the past many years of facilitation.

These are only some glimpses from my own personal experience, but these three moments best capture “great facilitation design” at its pinnacle, in ways I hope others are able to leverage and repeat.

For me, one of the clear hallmarks of a huge win is that my client or hosting partner turns to me in the beginning of a workshop and says, “We…

This week I’m planning some workshops with the Stanford University Graduate School of Business. Its Center for Entrepreneurial Studies is an amazing central hub for world-class resources, and is interested in exploring whether it might be able to feasibly support entrepreneurs far beyond the Stanford ecosystem.

This is a pattern-match for some other projects I’ve worked with in the past few years, whereby an innovation supernova starts to ask… could there be more out there for our impact? Do we have a responsibility to the wider field we can deliver with very low marginal cost to us? Are we underdoing…

Planning a Design Thinking Workshop? Know your stage and goals.

When you’re planning a design thinking process, there are hundreds of ways to spin it — and many amazing doors that could all add great value.

Since Design Thinking stages are iterative, it really helps as you grow your skills to increase clarity on (1) the purpose you’re advancing, (2) the organizational context & constraints for your objective or overall project, and the (3) best-case scenario you could accomplish for your initiative.

Establishing these factors can help you accomplish much more with much less; focus your planning and delivery; improve…

I left Google approximately 3 years ago, after four years working in Google Apps for Business and an extraordinary series of experiences in learning, team and colleagueship along the way.

I loved my time there, and learned so much from it.

And, when I left, I grieved that there weren’t more accounts of leaving Google online, and struggled for a way to form my own account or resources in a way that could be respectful, appropriate and honoring to everyone who read it.

Today I want to share a few things I wish I knew as I was considering the…

In my experiences as a founder, social entrepreneur, Googler, leader, learner, community member, and now an executive director for an impact-oriented non-profit, it’s been an ongoing theme to talk about leadership, and to look at what we mean by leadership.

In all of the fields I’ve studied and encountered around leadership and leading, the focus tends to be on the behaviors and attributes you need as a leader, and the kinds of things one might organize in one’s own life to make a certain form of leadership possible “out there” with other people.

But as the world continues to change…

Today I taught the first section (and session) of my course on Human Centered Design at Grinnell College in Iowa, which we titled — in true Grinnellian spirit — Human Centered Design for Global Social Transformation.

The students were awesome. We began the course with a round of names, wants & wishes, where each student got to make a wish for the world.

Two students wished for everyone in the world to get a wish. (We agreed you can replicate others’ wishes!) One wished for teleportation. Others wished for a Computer Engineering field that would completely reflect the demographics of…

Today I spoke with an amazing designer in whom I see a TON of potential. She could be a facilitator, a trainer, a design director, or lead a massive social income campaign — and dreams of potentially doing all of those things, as also an investor, then directing massive amounts of money as a philanthropist.

But in the near term, she’s hit hard times. Her grad school debt racked up. She’s been working odd jobs. Her whole creative community is in a state of living of “going with the financial flow,” taking whatever jobs or odd work that they can…

I’m a proud Kansas girl by upbringing, and spent the first 4 years of my life “outside home” in Iowa and Chicago. I’m a Midwesterner at heart, and when I “go home for the holidays,” I head back to Topeka, Kansas, where I spend my Christmas and New Year’s surrounded by uncles and aunts, countless cousins, in-laws and in-laws’ in-laws, old teachers and family friends and updates on the same dentists and barbers my family’s known for the last 30 years.

Each year in Kansas, Christmas arises as season of giving and loving, hanging out with cousins and planning a…

Megan Goering

I write about prototyping & strategic innovation. Top passions: a global workforce that works for real people & empowering creators via human-centered design.

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