Wild Love

Wild Love is a multinational pop band from Washington D.C, now based in Nashville, TN. Featuring addictive hooks and stunning vocal melodies, Wild Love pushes the boundaries of what music can and should be.

Front man Brandon Gorman and bassist Saygin Gecener immigrated to the United States in 2013 and 2008 respectively. Having formed when the two met with drummer Nolan Speer, the band released their debut self-titled EP. Their long awaited second EP ‘Flow’ was released in March. After a tour of Ireland in 2014, Wild Love went back to take the US by storm.

The current lineup of Brandon Gorman, Saygin Gecener, Joey Burcham, and Nolan Speer deliver an explosive live performance full of memorable songs that will leave their audiences singing long after the show is over.

Wild Love

Brandon, who is my cousin, lived in Ireland until his family moved to America in 2013. Brandon always had a passion for music and this has helped him to pursue his dream in America. Brandon was seventeen when his dad was offered a better job in America. Brandon had no choice to go with his family, which meant he had to leave school early not getting the chance to complete his leaving cert. Life in Ireland was tough for Brandon, he had little interest in school anyway and only focused on his band which played small gigs. However his band was not doing as well as he hoped.

When the time came to leave for America, Brandon was reluctant at first, as he didn’t want to leave his friends and family.

It’s been three years now since Brandon has moved to America with his family. His fears of being an outcast were diminished as his new school friends accepted him. He settled in and became comfortable with his new way of living.

He attended a new school and immediately made new friends. I spoke to Brandon about his move to America “it was scary at first but I got used to the new way of living”. Brandon told me “it was my Irish accent that made people like me”. He was ecstatic. He couldn’t believe how much he loved America. He described America has

“It is a total different way of living and there is so much more to experience in America”

Brandon writes the songs for the band. They have toured America twice and Ireland once. In summer of 2015 they came to Ireland and played gigs in bars with an entry fee of €2. They traveled all over Ireland to places like Dublin, Kerry, Cork and many more. They travelled in a small car and took turns driving. They recorded their travelling experience of Ireland and later put it up on YouTube for it to receive loads of views. Who wouldn’t want to see four boys cramped in a small car with band equipment and trying not to get lost?

By word of mouth a lot of people knew about the gigs and wanted to see this band from America. Once everyone heard they were an American band, they wanted to see what the all the hype was about. They got an outstanding amount of praise from every audience they played in front of.

Wild Love has something different to offer to their fans and listeners, they aren’t the typical boy band type. Their music is a mix of everything, ranging from U2’s early days and 1975. “We class ourselves as a band like the early U2, but we are starting to reach out and get more comfortable with more out there music. Something that will make us stand out but not come across as pretentious”

Wild Love has new music coming out in January, so keep your ears open. We will be hearing a lot more from the band.


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