The only good thing about foster care was meeting you

Moments with Strangers

Their matching tattoos were the least interesting thing about them.

They’d met in foster care as kids and bounced in, out and around the system. Sometimes they were together. Sometimes they were apart.

“We promised each other we’d always have each other’s back. We kinda fell out of touch right after high school. It was a stupid argument really. We didn’t speak to each other for years. But when shit got bad, like really really bad, I knew who I could call. She said she’d always have my back.”

They shared a look.

“Damn straight. And if you ever forget, look at your arm asshole.”

She punched her in the shoulder.

“You know what I’m thinking?”

“Ice cream?”

“Yeah. Ice cream.”

“And after a day like this, we freaking deserve it.”