The picture of my mind

What does it look like? I know what the brain looks like but I’m referring to the mind. My thoughts and opinions. My ideas and passions.

I picture a cluttered rainforest. It is full of life and is a confused combination of peace and chaos. There is activity and growth in all directions, a messy latticework that only I know how to navigate. There are weaving paths shadowed by overgrown plants, paths that chase creativity to connect the thriving sun-touched patches of forest.

As I wander through the rainforest, the sun moves with me as my source of compassion and inspiration. My experiences each day are the clouds that guide the direction of the sun. If I am lost in thought, perhaps I need some sun cover to allow my thoughts to develop. If I have lost my way, perhaps I need the sun to illuminate the way back to the path. If I am feeling overwhelmed, perhaps I need the sun to shine brightly on the flowers of peace or the trees of confidence.

When others climb the mountain and look down upon my rainforest, they see a soul who is lost among the trees. They see the danger of the forest. The remarkable individuals in my life are those who can look upon my rainforest and see the beauty I see every day. They see the inspiration among the complexity, the passion among the doubt.

Sometimes I will lose my way. Sometimes my rainforest will experience drought or prolonged darkness. But there is beauty in the life that thrives among the trees, for the sun will always rise.