Real Life Happy

Word choice, verb choice

I had to use my third choice

I cant decide whats in my mind at any given time I just rhyme on a dime a snap in a dash my mind’s like lightning Flash


Bash boom bang i can’t get control again

Sometimes my mind thinks of a line but it’ll fly away before i can even say what i mean what i Seen how have i been?


The kind of fine that’s out of line

Out of time

Film strip burning out of existence

Yesterday I danced and today I cried


Not to be this way

Not to see me this way

A broken beauty with more tears and fears than anybody will ever hear

But I never dream never been happy with she with this body

This mind it isn’t mine

This humility labeled fragility

The payments are overdue on my utilities

I got no lights on in these eyes

These lies only held up so much but i cant touch normal anymore

What is this all for?

Will i get any better in this forever?

I tremor and shake and wait until im whole again

That’s a whole other thing

I wanna sing again and feel that happy in my bones but i don’t own that feeling

My mind’s still reeling

And racing and chasing but im finally facing it

I’m saving it

My life my right to be here feel here

Find my real life happy here.