Be the Best Dressed Guest this Summer!

It’s a no brainer that everyone prefers the perks of summer such as warm weather, travel vacations, and obviously an easy summer wardrobe of dresses and sandals. Summertime also comes with weekends consumed by events such as barbeques, graduation parties, and weddings! With my older sister getting married this summer and my younger brother graduating high school I’ve been obsessed with finding the perfect summer party outfits, and I’m here to share some helpful tips that I’ve found for you to look your best this summer too!

Being a bridesmaid in the wedding I didn’t get much a say in what to personally wear but I did help my sister pick out the dresses! Picking a style that would fit the different preferences of all six bridesmaids was difficult, that’s why she decided to pick a dress made of chiffon. Its light material that will fall easy on any body shape while looking pretty and simple at the alter. With a large guest list, you want the wedding party to stand out, so that’s why wedding planners suggest doing long dresses instead of short. After looking through countless bridal shops to find an attractive, yet affordable dress I can help save you some time by telling you where to look, and not to look. The department stores such as Bloomingdales, Saks 5th Avenue, and Nordstrom will be sure to have dresses that draw your eye and that are “exactly what your looking for”, except for the fact that they are 99% of the time out of price reach. Searching online can lead to a disappointment in fit and or material when the dress arrives so don’t waste shipping costs on this method either. Your best bet is to hit wedding boutiques in the local area. They make the process personal and your guaranteed quality in the dress. My sister ended up going with Aleanas Bridal, in northern NJ area (where were from).

This is the dress we eneded up going with: A long chiffon Perrywinkle for a late June outdoor wedding.

A more fun and actual “shopping” like aspect that you’ll enjoy is finding a dress for the rehearsal dinner! Sometimes wearing a short dress can be more fun and stylish then a long one especially if your younger. Online blogs can help lead you to sites that have exactly what you’re looking for. By typing in the type of style you want along with details like color, cut, size, and price range, your guaranteed to find a link to your dream dress.

The dress I ordered from for the reception! (Amanda Uprichard, $216.00)

As for a less formal affair, there are some definite go-to options on what to do for casual day party wears. Recently, with in the past two summers designers are encouraging the look of rompers rather then dresses. They can be just as formal if paired with heels or be fun and flirty with sandals. If you’re a more of a dress fan through (like myself) there are plenty of options.

Outside partys in the summer will always seem like a festive idea, but they can be hot and humid! A good way to avoid the weather ruining your look is to wear a light dress that’s strapless or backless, that way you can wear your hair up, AND show off the unique style of these dresses while staying perfectly cool.

A perfect example of looking cute while staying cool with Steve Maddens all white summer dress found on http://www.bloglovin’.com. paired with cute sandals or jewelry to make up for keeping your hair tied back

A must have for this season is to look out for Lilly Pulitzers new Target collection line series! This name brand company, usually selling printed shift dresses for over a hundred dollars released a selection of dresses to be sold in Target stores for only $38.00!! This is an opportunity you will definitely want to take advantage of quickly.

Perfect dresses for the actual graduation ceremony and after party! Features of Lilly Pulitzers line for Target.

All and all, summer is a limited time period to wear fun outfits you will surely miss when the leaves begin to change so don’t be afraid to hold back!