Motherhood’s Travel Diaries

I don’t know what it is lately maybe the majority of the people in my life got an itch for travel but it seems that most people I know are jet setting all over the world and I find myself sitting in the playroom jiggling around a toy to make my daughter smile.

As I was sitting there I couldn’t help but have this overwhelming feeling of… I want to travel. I want to see ancient ruins, I want to see monuments and admire a culture different than mine. I sat there for a while and I felt like somehow I missed all that in my life and wondered whether it would ever be something that I’d do.

While I was sitting there I realised something very important. I don’t need to get on a plane to travel.

My toddler is now just past the one and a half mark and he is an absolute character. He busts moves to The Wiggles, he builds towers of Lego, “cooks” in his little kitchen. He is learning so many new words. He loves helping do little tasks and will often clap to himself after and will gesture to you to clap for him too. It brings the biggest smile to my face and his too.

I can see his face light up like he’s thinking to himself “Yeah, I did good!”

My daughter is now just over the 8 month mark and has over the last couple of months developed a beautiful personality. Her smile is absolutely infectiously beautiful. She’s just gotten the hang of the crawling thing she was mostly rolling and army crawling from about 6 months but she’s got the whole one knee in front of the other thing under control. I look at her and I’m amazed.

We often try new cuisine and they really are the toughest critics. Id have to say my sons favourite is most definitely Italian and Japanese.

They build monuments of lego’s which I often sit back and admire. Yeah… my kid just put one block on top of another, where did they learn this art!

We go outside and they remind me of the little wonders in our backyard. Leaves… I mean they come in different shapes, sizes and colours – amazing!

When their little toes wriggle in between grass and I remind myself that I sometimes too need to kick off my shoes and feel my toes wriggling in the grass.

Yes, I don’t get on a plane, I don’t need a passport but these little people take me across the world everyday and that’s truly the most amazing places I’ve been.

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