Reaction to Terrorism Against the Gay Community in Orlando

Today Orlando (which to me is local) gay club Pulse was attacked by a terrorist. They hurt many people, killed 50, and ruined the lives of families forever. I think I have enough clout as an activist and leader being in this affected community, to comment. I have friends who go to this club, I have been to this club but thankfully no one I know was hurt AND it was very unlikely that I would’ve been there last night. There is no “it could’ve been me” statement coming because although I am bisexual and an active member of the LGBTQ+ community, I have anxiety and don’t really like clubs.

However this could’ve been me more than it could’ve been any of my friends at straight clubs down the road, more than it could’ve been my gay friends in other states, more than it ever could have been my mother (because she is straight and in Rhode Island) or father (because he is straight and spends nights with his kids) or sister (because she is six). So to an extent, I understand people asking me if I am okay…at least the people asking me because they know my sexuality aren’t ignoring that this was a hate crime against the LGBTQ+ community. If you are straight and have never been to a gay bar, would never be at a gay bar, etc. and post an image of the Orlando skyline with #prayfororlando, you are not helping the situation and you are making this shooting heteronormative. Post a rainbow picture of support (there are tons) and don’t involve yourself.

*rant on that over* *moving on*

I refuse to let this shooting ruin my day, Not because I am heartless and selfish and want to have a fun Tonys party where I dress up as Rent characters with my girlfriend (although some of those things are true) but terrorism is trying to cause terror. I refuse to be terrified. I refuse to give this asshole the satisfaction of terrifying me. He doesn’t deserve my thoughts or my energy. I am not turning a blind eye or pretending it didn’t happen but I refuse to let this person hurt me or my friends anymore. I will not be scared into the closet, I will not be afraid to go to a gay bar or hold Amanda’s hand in public…I am just going to be me and continue to do activism against hatred and for the elimination of ignorance.

I encourage everyone to think of creative ways to help, donate blood, go take OJ and snacks to One Blood, and all that jazz. BUT ALSO be positive, think of something happy today, tell someone you love them, and try not to let this awful act steal more from our community.

photo at wizarding world Orlando of a tribute I attended to honor fallen wizard Luis and the other shooting victims