Sometimes I think I’d like to be tortured

But then I remember I’d never been more hurt after you left

And I realize that

Wet cloths and water jugs aren’t for everyone,

Sometimes all you need are hateful eyes and empty love.

I count the days, I counted every day since you said it last,

Days turn into years

A lifetie in prison hence these shackles that leave maks

They’ve rubbed away and sharks could feed from the blood from my arms

But they don’t.

All this time and I’m still as distasteful as ever,

Scared away strangers with thoughts nothing but hatefuland they feel bad,

They feel bad,

They see you and wonder why him?

The boy with the bruises, the girl without limbs

And I know that not everything is meant to be said

But the spaces are filling up inside my head

And the migraines are worsening,

You’d think I would know how to cope with a heartbeat that twitches and groans

Getting louder and louder, can’t hear myself think

Pressure crushes my insides and lower I sink to the bottom

It’s quiet

The sharks smell the blood.

I hope that they’re hungry for fire and a flood

I can’t breathe in this water, but neither on land

Pretending that I can’t see your outstretched hand

Though it kills me

My lungs ache

My heart screams

My legs shake

It’s happening

The ground lives

My body is the earthquake

The sharks take your hand,

Family first, deadly thirst

The undertow sways me, my arteries burst

You’re mistaken, I’d rather become this dark sea

Than escape here alone and go home to the old me.

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