Obesity Does Not Exist in Nature

In my experience, the happiest people I’ve met have always enjoyed being outside. There’s something healing about watching the sunrise over Lake Michigan or biking through a nature preserve. I think it’s because nature simplifies life. It helps us remember that a majority of our problems are completely trivial in the grand scheme of things. Do midterms exist in nature? Career fairs? Does the fact that your tinder date picked you up in low-rider hydraulic truck and proceeded to describe (in excruciating, disgusting detail) the time he was stabbed matter in nature? Hell no. None of it does. Nature helps us separate the trivial from the vital. Which problems are important? What should we spend our energy on solving?
I think obesity is one of these problems and nature can help solve it in a unique way. The biggest things that cause obesity are a poor diet and inactivity (mostly the diet though, but I digress). More time with nature can solve both. A diet made up of food from nature instead of a factory can’t not be healthy. Anything done outside of our house, car, or office involves physical activity. If the picture of obesity is sitting on the couch eating a pizza (and not even a good pizza, I’m talking a CiCi’s pizza), then the picture of heath has to be the opposite. Doing something outside, eating various fruits. Nature heals. I think it can heal people’s bodies badly damaged by food.

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