Vacancy at Motel — Full Stack Developer

About Motel 
Motel is a distributed digital agency with a team of designers and engineers who do great work and like to have fun. Though spread across the United States, we’re a close-knit group of people with a common goal: to help design and develop things that matter with people we love.

Our clients range from startups to multi-billion dollar corporations, whom we’ve assisted in every phase of the product lifecycle — whether that’s helping a founder mold their vision into an MVP, or scaling to support millions of users. Among our incredible clients are Tech.Co, InVision, and Close5.

We also spend a lot of time dreaming up our own fun and useful products that help our clients become more successful or solve recurring problems. Motel encourages all employees to pitch ideas for internal products; if your idea gathers enough support, we’ll dive in! Check out what we’re up to here, here, and here.

This is where you’ll find us.

About the Role
We’re looking for a full stack engineer who can help us build rad stuff. We have a team of talented engineers building products in Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, React, Ember, and Angular. We’d like you to able to do 3 of the 5 following things (we’ll teach you the rest!):

[ ] Write a RESTful API in Rails or Phoenix
[ ] Use Node to build a microservice, shipping with Docker
[ ] Build a testable React app that connects to a backend
[ ] Get a Jekyll site up and running in less than 2 hours
[ ] Implement an admin-like dashboard using Ember

As part of a remote team, naturally you get to work where and how you want. We understand that everyone has a slightly different work routine, so we keep schedules flexible. You will use a variety of tools (such as Slack, Zoom, and PivotalTracker) to stay in touch and collaborate on your projects remotely. You will attend one (yes, only one!) weekly meeting called “Show + Motel” — our chance to get together and share what we’ve been working on, either inside or outside of work. It’s an opportunity to see anyone that you’ve missed that week and also to grab some A+ screenshots of your coworkers.

As a young agency, nothing is set in stone at Motel. From the way we build scalable products to the way we talk to each other every day, we’re constantly improving and challenging the status-quo. Everyone is actively involved in shaping company culture and hopefully you find that opportunity exciting!

And did we mention that our employee benefits are pretty awesome?

Stay healthy: your insurance is on us! We’ll cover most of the cost of your family’s insurance too.
Workspace stipend: we don’t care how you use it, but you will receive a monthly stipend to pay for a co-working space: better internet for your house, cold brew from your favorite neighborhood coffee shop — whatever will help you get the job done.
Go on vacation:
unlimited PTO! You better take at least three weeks off per year, or else.
Learn new stuff: spend a day each week working on whatever you want. Need help with it? Chances are that someone on our team would like to lend a hand as well.
Travel with your team: take advantage of our Buddy System. We’ll give you $1000 each year to hang out somewhere new with your coworkers.

Want to work together? Shoot us an email at if you’re interested.

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