You have 6 basic emotions, but have you ever noticed you go through a whirlwind of emotions before you actually react to something? Maybe that movie “Inside Out” is somewhat valid in a less fictional way.

Girls imagine this: your best friend ditches you for a guy.

It’s supposed to be chicks over dicks right? Well maybe not… Which one of your emotions has the “right head on it’s shoulders”?

How each emotion would react:

Anger: WOWWW, what a bitch… Call her out.

Fear: Is this guy stealing my best friend?

Surprise: I thought she was a better friend than that.

Sad: I can’t believe this. :(

Disgust: What a BAD friend!

Happiness- this is the best emotion because it brings everything back into perspective.: Maybe I’m being a bad friend for getting mad. Let me put myself in her shoes. We do hang out every day, she likes this boy, and I should understand. I would want to hang out with the boy if I were her too.

Which emotion is the best? Many people react before they get to the happiness emotion because including that emotion is a learned skill. They miss out on the best emotion. Count down to yourself, think it over, then react. We are all capable of doing this and finding more happiness. It just takes a special kind of person to understand why this is important.

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