PA to CA

In 20 days I pick and move across the country to California from Pennsylvania. PA to CA in 20 days… TWENTY. I’m moving from the home I’ve known for 19 years to a place I’ve only ever been to once before. It didn’t hit me until I started this article that it’s real. I typed PA and burst into tears. Not because I’m sad, but because I’m so happy to not only be able to move to the west coast, but to have had the opportunity to grow up in such an awesome area with even better people. My best friend has been my best friend since I was TWO. I can only hope my kids get the chance to have a lasting friendship like that. PA you sorta suck, but you’re sorta cool.

Ohhhhh PA, how I love and hate you all at the same time. As much as I enjoyed my childhood in the really hot summers and even colder winters that seemed to last forever, I’m excited to never spend more than $100 on another white northface or pair of UGGs every winter ever again. I’ll miss the snow a little, but I’ll visit and hate it again. I’ll run back to my warm home.

When I’m sitting in my room in Orange, reminiscing, as I often do, I’ll be sure to remember all of the good times here in PA. I’ll never forget the neighborhood manhunt nights or the time Ashton and I had a sleepover after catching lightening bugs. Not to mention the Yu-Gi-Oh! wars in my basement under the couch cushion forts… It’s weird thinking I’m leaving this place forever.

I’m starting to treat it as if it’s already foreign. As if, I already moved and I’m just back visiting. As I walked through the library today the memories flooded back. After school, all three years of middle school, we would meet at the library and hang out. Or we would make our way to the football field where the girls would sit and watch the boys play football. So many middle school memories had me reminiscing all day.

Brian came over and we reminisced about school even back to pre-school (yes we remember that still). We talked about Friday nights at skating and how big of shit-heads we were in elementary school. Nothing changed from elementary school though… We were still shit heads together in high school.

Oh high school… What a time. Late every day, but my teachers still seemed to love me. Despite a few kinks, high school was pretty awesome.

And last but not least, my first year of college here… I don’t remember, but I think I had fun. (just kidding, I remember…sorta)

I sure will miss this place. This area was an odd area to grow up in but it made me who I am today. I wouldn’t change that for anything. 17070 will be hard to forget. Maybe just maybe I’ll be back one day.