The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) was formally established on March 8, 1817. Two-hundred and one years later, we use that date to celebrate MyWallSt Day.

As an intern documenting my first MyWallSt Day, I was a bit worried about taking on the task. This day is pretty special to the company and something I had been looking forward to from the beginning of my internship after hearing stories of previous years.

So what is MyWallSt Day?

Well, our CEO Emmet Savage describes MyWallSt Day as,

“a celebration of our team and culture. It’s an annual event where we all look to the horizon.”

The day, as it unfolded, did exactly that.

Stop 1: Airbnb Dublin Offices

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Airbnb offices equipped with breakfast, lunch, dinner and dogs.

Our first stop of the day was to the Airbnb offices located at the Grand Canal Docks in Dublin. Not only were we treated to a wide array of breakfast items, but we had the privilege of meeting a couple of Airbnb dogs during the tour as well. …

Megan Mullen

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