Paw prints to the heart

On a daily base , many animals are put in a kill shelter , hoping to find a home before their time is up. Animal’s do not know what they did to deserve to be put in a place like that. The number of animals in shelters out rate the number of homeless people.

Millions of animals are euthanized every year because shelters can’t find homes for them. Buying animals from pet stores also tends to support puppy and cat mills, many of which have deplorable conditions for animals, which shouldn’t be tolerated. Laura Mennell
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How many people buy animals from pet stores? Where pure breed puppies are sold there. That helps places where animals are in a bad environment. Instead of going to a pet store for an animal, people should go to a animal shelter and help those animals out. Animal shelters these days do not even get a chance to find the animals a forever home because of all the pet stores. I rather adopt an animal from a shelter, not only to give them a better life, but to open up a space for a new animal to come and find a forever home. Pet stores over price animals, animals should not even cost anything because you can’t buy love, or a friendship.

Many people can convince others to adopt an animal from shelter.

The number differences between all of them.

4 million animals who are still healthy are put to sleep because they are not given much time to find their forever home. If a non-kill shelter can not hold anymore animals, then the animal is sent to a kill shelter where they only have 72 hours to find a home. I know everyone sees the commercials of ASPCA or other places that show an animal is in need of a new home, telling us the story on how they found them. In my point of view , I believe there should be more non kill shelters around the US to give animals a better chance of a better life. I can understand if the animals is too sick or unstable to find a new home when brought in, but the healthy ones deserve a chance.

It’s been 20 years since San Francisco has started the movement to lower the number of animals be euthanized. San Francisco became the first US community to promise that ALL animals in a shelter find a home!

There should be more communities like that! The no kill movement , has been the movement to reduce the numbers over the years, from 20 million to 3 million each year!That is a big drop in the numbers. The article that I’ve found this out on is below. . The rest of the slideshow this was found on.

Did you know that there are many that animals are put to sleep in a kill shelter? Not all shelters do lethal injections , which only take 30 seconds to work. Many shelters have the choice of decompression chamber, gas chamber or electrocution. In my eyes those are cruel ways to put an animal to sleep, they can smell the animal or animals that were there before them.The longer their in there , the more emotional damage is done to them. How would you feel if you were them? Wouldn't you pray that you find your home? Wouldn't you be scared that if you do not find a home, you will be put to sleep? Let’s stick you in a cage crammed with others , barely feed you and only give you one small bed to sleep on. How would you feel? This is basically a concentration camp , but for animals who do not have a voice.

Animals being euthanized because of lack of space in a shelter is not the only issue going on involving animals. Testing are animals, neglect , abuse, fighting, puppy mills, etc. There are so many issues that need to be stopped! Animals can not beg for them to be saved , or say they do not want to do this. If it was people who were in this situation and not animals, it would be fixed as soon as possible. With these issues nothing is happening to stop them, no one is listening to those who are taking a stand and fighting.

These animals do not have a voice, we need to be their voice. This issue is an issue that has been going on for too long. It needs to be stopped. There needs to be more non kill shelters out there. We need to speak up and fight for those who can not fight their own battles. I myself will stand up for animals and be the voice that will be heard to stop issues involving animals. I will work and be there for animals, who need us to protect them from the world. Animals were here on earth before us, they should have the right to stay here too. Animals are here for us when we need them, they come to us when we are sad. They comfort us when we feel pain or when we are sick. They stick by our sides no matter what. So why can’t we stand by them when they need us the most? They deserve a fight just as we deserve to speak up. Helping these animals, not only give them a better life, but it makes you feel good knowing you were one of those brave people that spoke up and fought.

The video provided below gives you more facts about non kill shelters .

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